SB Ghost's Goals for Spring: "This split is such a great chance for us...I really want to make it to the finals."

Before the start of this split, no one really expected that SANDBOX's bottom laner, Jang "Ghost" Yong-jun would perform up to an LCK level. Yes, it might be too harsh to say but his performance during his bbq days did not give any positive expectations for 2019.

However, Ghost is proving everyone wrong in his run during this split. SANDBOX is dominating this Spring and Ghost is definitely the player who is leading this team to numerous victories. He finally found the right balance between his in-game knowledge and the mechanics that he was known for during his 'amateur-CJ Entus' days. 

For today's victory against Jin Air Green Wings, this prominent bottom laner again proved his abilities. In game 1, he was on an AP mage, Victor and dominated the lane phase and mid game teamfights. When the team was on a disadvantage in game 2, Ghost's Sivir managed to stay solid and played a crucial role in SANDBOX's victory. After this series, we met up with Ghost to hear some of his thoughts on today's win and future goals for this Spring.

The following is the interview with SANDBOX Gaming's bottom laner, Ghost.

You won your first match after the long Lunar New Year break. How does it feel to win again?

 Ghost: I rested well during this break and this match was our first match after we were defeated. I feel really good to have made the chance to be on another winning streak. 


Well, the break was quite long and did the SANDBOX Gaming crew decide to practice during the Lunar New Years? 

After our loss against Griffin, most of our players had to pack up for the holidays so we headed straight home. Then, after a short rest, we came back to the gaming house to practice. 


 There have been some changes in the meta during this long break. And as a bottom laner yourself, the critical attack item patch would have directly affected your plays. What are your thoughts on this? 

After this patch, champions that use critical damage items did become more 'better' to use. However, most of those champions didn't get nerfed or buffed. That's why teams can choose whether they'll use champions that build critical damage items based on their play concept. Well, if we're talking about just those critical item champs alone... I do think they're stronger than before.  


Now that the meta has changed, personally, which champions do you prefer to use in the bottom lane? Those 'non-ADCs' such as Victor or 'traditional ADCs' like Sivir?  

Umm... I'm not that sure since now I use both kinds of champions a lot. I think I don't have a personal preference right now; both suits quite well for me. I just try to use the champions that can help my team to win. 


This Spring, you are currently placed on 2nd place in the MVP race. Don't you want to hit 1st place before round 1 ends? 

 Am I 1st place if I get 2 more MVPs? (Q: If you get one more, you're tied on 1st place.) Well, if that's that... I think I do have a shot at it. (laughs) 


Didn't you think you had a chance of receiving an MVP on game 1 today? You did perform very well on Victor. 

On game 1, our top laner was so good... That's why I thought, "this one's for sure going to Summit." (laughs) Well, I did think that I might get it on game 2 but I made too many mistakes. During that game, I just thought that it would be a big relief if we can win. 


Like you've stated, the team recovered from their last loss; now SANDBOX can resume their winning streak! Before we end this interview, can you share your personal goals for this Spring?

Personally, I think this split is such a great chance for us; we really might make it to the finals. Although I was pretty far away from that goal, now I do feel that the gap is closing down gradually. I'm going to put in everything to fulfill that. I really want to make it to the finals. 


Photos: League of Legends Champions Korea flickr

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