DWG Nuguri: "I feel relieved since now my teammates proved that they're also capable of carrying our team."

"Our goal is to make it to the playoffs. If we can perform like this in our future schedules, I think we have a big chance of fulfilling our goal."

On the 14th (KST), DAMWON finally ended their long losing streak. With their jungler and mid laner, Punch-ShowMaker delivering absolute performance, DAMWON shut down Afreeca Freecs 2:0. 

DAMWON Gaming's top laner, Nuguri is indeed one of the top-tier players in the current LCK. However, while his team was underperforming lately, he also had a hard time performing up to his high expectations. 

"We thought about this (losing streak) quite seriously. The players and coaching staff put in a lot of effort to find a solution. We tried to talk as much as possible since we believed that we had some communication issues."

During DAMWON's run in their very first LCK split, Nuguri was usually the one to step up for the team. He was solid in lane phase and a big threat in teamfights as well. That's why today's victory meant a lot for him and his team since this time, other players were on the main carry role. 

"I feel a bit relieved since now my teammates proved that they're also capable of carrying our team. I knew that they were solid players. I wasn't that good today. However, ShowMaker was exceptional. Also, Punch who was subbed in, helped me out a lot in game 2." 

With the team finally securing such a precious win today, Nuguri seemed eager to set a milestone for their LCK debut; making it to the playoffs. And, he stated that he and his team needed to put in their utmost to fulfill that goal. 

"We need to try very hard. We'll practice, improve and learn more from our mistakes. Most of all, I think we need to keep on talking with each other. Our team has been focusing on our communication recently and it did pay off. I believe that this will be a crucial thing for us to make it to the playoffs."

Photos: League of Legends Champions Korea LCK flickr

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