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Spellthief’s Edge Item Tree Brings Back the ‘Vision Meta’ in the LCK



▲ So many wards in the rift... Again...

On the 13th of February, in the 2019 LCK Spring Split match between Kingzone DragonX and SK Telecom T1, SKT managed to come up on top. The match went to the third game with KZ winning Game 1 and SKT winning Game 2. An interesting point during today’s match was that KZ utilized, or nearly abused Spellthief’s Edge.

In Game 1, five players used Spellthief’s Edge: Top Viktor, Support Gragas, Top Karma, Mid Azir, and Bot Ezreal. It wasn’t exactly the ‘Frostmancy’ meta since only Viktor and Ezreal selected Kleptomancy which has been quite common. However, later in the match after the Spellthief’s Edges were all upgraded, the vision on the map was nearly like using maphack because so many wards were placed all over the Rift. It seemed as the LCK was missing the vision ward meta and they were trying to abuse it while they could.

In the following games, PawN picked Frostmancy LeBlanc and Spellthief Viktor against Faker’s Lissandra and Zoe. What KZ prepared over the Lunar New Year break was utilizing Spellthief’s Edge to its fullest. They weren’t able to prove that it’s a strategy worth pursuing, but it gave the pro teams around the world with another idea.

The item tree of Spellthief’s Edge has been hotfixed on the live servers, but there’s still a while left for it to be applied to the pro gaming scene. So it may appear again in other games as well. 

Are you satisfied with this meta? Let us know in the comments below!


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    level 2 basafish


    I really don't understand why champions are so behind in CS when they buy this item. Can someone explain?

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      level 1 Ben_Bettis


      so the item in question gives you gold whenever you use a spell on or auto a champion or tower. These 3 procs are on an internal cooldown, and that cooldown is extended if you take a CS.

      so the strat is, take kleptomancy rune and just harass the lane opponent until you complete the upgraded spellthiefs edge which REMOVES the cs penalty. at that point you can cs normally but still get gold from harass :)

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