Netmarble Postpones BTS World Release to the 2nd Quarter of 2019

Netmarble has postponed the release of BTS World. Last year, they had announced that they would be releasing the game in the first quarter, but as they were preparing, the group’s global recognition became higher, and the brand value also rose. This is the second time they've postponed the release of the game.

Considering their higher reputation, they’ve decided to delay the release to make the game better. It was also necessary to correspond the release with BTS’ schedule, so they’re now planning to release BTS World in the second quarter.

When asked which aspect they were trying to improve in the game, they said that they were working on the content.

“BTS World is a cinematic simulation game that includes real photos and videos. We expect the players to be immersed deeply into the game since the actual group member will appear in the game. We’re working content that can bring more engagement and communion with the players.”

Many BTS fans around the world have been waiting for the game to be released; hopefully, the delay of release in the game will result in better game experience for the global fans.

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