2019 LPL Spring W3 Recap...What Happened in the LPL This Week?

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2019 LPL Spring Standings (set score)

1.  FunPlus Phoenix 4 - 0 (8 - 2) 

2. Invictus Gaming 4 - 1 (9 - 2)  

3. Suning 4 - 1 (9 - 3) 

4. Topsports Gaming 3 - 1 (6 - 3)

5. Bilibli Gaming 2 - 1 (4 - 2)

6. JD Gaming 2 -1 (4 - 4)

7. SinoDragon Gaming 2 - 2 (5 - 4)

8. EDward Gaming 2 - 2 (5 - 5)

9. Royal Never Give Up 1 - 1 (2 - 3)

10. Vici Gaming 1 - 2 (4 - 5)

11. Victory Five 1 - 2 (3 - 4)

12. Team We 1 - 2 (2 - 4)

13. Rogue Warriors 1 - 3 (3 - 7)

14. Oh My God 1 - 3 (2 - 6)

15. Snake Esports 1 - 4 (3 - 9)

16. LGD Gaming 0 - 4 (2 - 8)

The 3rd week of the 2019 LPL Spring started on Jan. 28th and ended a bit early on Jan. 30th. VG, Victory 5, and WE finally got their 1st win for this Spring. Now LGD is the only team left without a win. This week ended with one of the most anticipated series for this Spring so far:  'Suning vs FunPlus Phoenix'. With iG losing last week, Suning and FunPlus were the only undefeated teams this split. 

The Chinese New Year, which starts on the 5th (CST), is followed up with the longest holiday in China, the Chinese Spring Festival Golden Week. Similar to the LCK (due to Lunar New Years), the LPL has also gone into a break. 

* 2019 LPL Spring Week 4 starts on Feb. 15th.


Doinb is now officially married

On the 2nd of February (CST), FunPlus Phoenix's mid laner, Doinb announced his marriage with his fiancé through his Weibo account. 

Like we all know, this Korean mid laner is known for his passion inside the game. Thanks to his fluent Chinese, it is told that he's been acting as the leader of his team for the past years. However, of course, Doinb had to put in a lot to adjust to living in China. In numerous interviews, Doinb himself said his wife was a big help for him during his early days in the LPL. 

He proposed to his wife last year and was told that he'll get married near the Chinese New Years. Although we are not sure on the details on their wedding, for sure the two are now officially a married couple. 

▲Doinb's Weibo account


Suning vs FunPlus PhoenixWho will remain undefeated?

LPL official English Twitter

With iG losing a series, Suning and FunPlus Phoenix were the only undefeated teams for Spring split. And finally, on the last day for week 3, the two teams clashed. This matchup was indeed anticipated to be one of the most competitive series for this Spring.

Although the high expectations, when it was told that Suning's starting jungler and mid laner, H4cker-Maple are not in the starting lineup, this series seemed to end on a rather one-sided victory for FunPlus. However, Suning's sub jungler, Weiwei delivered quite a solid performance in game 1. With his dominance in the jungle, Suning managed to win the first set; Weiwei received MVP on his LPL debut. 

▲SN vs FPX Game 3 Highlights / Onivia LoL Highlights YouTube

 After losing on Akali, FunPlus' mid laner, Doinb went for his signature bruiser picks in the mid lane. In games 2 and 3, he used mid Sion and Urgot. In game 2, although he wasn't named as the MVP, he was exceptional in teamfights, finishing on a 3/1/18 KDA. For the last set, Doinb picked Urgot and managed to win his mid lane matchup against Maple. (* notes: Maple did not perform in games 1 and 2 due to flu. He was subbed in with a mask on in game 3.) He was again solid throughout the game and carried his team to victory; this time he was chosen as the MVP. 


MVP of the WeekTopsports Gaming mid laner, Knight


LPL official English Twitter


This young, left-handed mid laner, Knight was indeed in the center of attention among the 2018 Korean LoL server users. He dominated almost every single solo queue game and was consistently high in the Challengers list alongside the best Korean LoL gamers.

However, this young, prominent LoL pro was rather shaky in his on-stage matches during 2018. Although numerous officials knew it was only a matter of time for Knight to hit his prime, it seems he made it happen in just a few months; undoubtedly he is currently one of the best performing players in the 2019 LPL Spring. 

This week against LGD, he used Lissandra and Galio in the mid lane and picked up a total of 15 kills and 18 assists. He was dominant in the laning phase as well as teamfights on both champions. For both sets, he was up 50 CS against his lane matchup. His exceptional performance led his team to a 2:0 sweep. Knight was named the MVP in game 1 on Lissandra and is currently on 2nd place for the 2019 LPL Spring MVP race. 


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