KT Rolster Smeb: "SANDBOX Gaming is extremely good. If they keep on playing well like this, they will definitely become one of the top teams, which makes me keep my eyes on them."


KT Rolster defeated Afreeca Freecs 2-0 on February 2nd, the 4th day of week 3 for the LCK 2019 Spring Season. KT was ahead of AF in macros during both game 1 and 2, which allowed them to win easily despite the mistakes they made during team fights. We had the chance to interview Smeb, the captain of KT Rolster, about today’s victory. Following is the interview with KT Rolster's top laner, Smeb. 

How do you feel about your team’s victory today?

I’ve been feeling disheartened lately after the match. Today, I felt extremely happy even though I didn’t get to play. I know how hard my teammates have been trying in their preparation. I’m so glad.

KT seemed a bit shaky in game 2. How did that make you feel?

I had faith in my teammates that they could still turn the tide in game 2 since game 1 went as easily as they wanted.

It hasn't been easy for KT but you got another win today. How has the team atmosphere been like lately?

Our team is disheartened by how much we lost but they are trying the best to overcome. Everyone tries their best so that they can practice in a good team atmosphere all the time. As the captain of the team, I try hard not to stay low-spirited; my teammates are just great at encouraging each other.

Kingen’s trying hard in your place. What is your opinion of him?

We’ve been together over a year now and his will to learn or make an effort is too great. Even though we are competing against each other for the starting lineup, I hope he does well.


He’s not that experienced yet. As a veteran player, what kind of advice can you give him?

Since he is inexperienced yet, I want to share tips he can only get from the experience. I think that it’s natural he gets nervous during interviews because it’s his first time, and it will get better when we win more and he gets to give interviews. He is a guy with so much fun hidden inside him.

The upcoming matches aren’t easy ones. How will you be preparing for them?

I think playing against all LCK teams isn’t going to be easy. I don’t think it’s going to become more difficult to play against the rest of the teams. We’ll play against them with a positive mindset after preparing like we usually do.

Is there any team you are keeping your eyes on the most?

SANDBOX Gaming is extremely good. If they keep on playing well like this, they will definitely become one of the top teams, which makes me keep my eyes on them.

During his interview, SnowFlower mentioned a new macro strategy your team is preparing at the moment. We are very curious what it will be like; can we look forward to it?

It’s going to be a strategy where all five of us will be doing well in the macros. I can’t go into details but it won’t be about just one or two players seeing the flow of the game and making shot calls but all five of us seeing how the game flows and partake in the macros. It will be very difficult and my teammates are having a rough time working on it but they are getting better for sure.

Kuro came visiting at LoL Park today and said that he’s here to make fun of Smeb. Would you like to say anything to him?

It felt great to see him again. I didn’t get to follow if he was doing well in China since I myself was too busy. Anyway, I hope he’s doing great. He just told me, ‘Fighting!’ a while ago. I hope things go great for both of us. Honestly, we weren’t able to pay much attention to each other lately. Since we both don’t seem to be in a great situation, I guess we should encourage each other more rather than make fun of each other.

Lastly, any message for your fans?

It feels great to have a perfect 2-0 win. It will be hard to play against the rest of the teams but we will try our best to make it to the top of the standing after thorough preparation. We are always grateful for your support.

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