KT SnowFlower on Their New Strategy: "We are currently working on this new macro strategy as a team... Once it is fully complete, we will be able to show what true KT Rolster is."


KT Rolster defeated Afreeca Freecs by 2-0 on February 2nd, the 4th day of week 3 for the LCK 2019 Spring Season. KT Rolster took advantage of their jungle dominance in early phase, which UmTi used to help his team score kills. Their bot laners were also able to have lane dominance thanks to SnowFlower's successful grabs as Thresh. KT used these advantages to snowball, taking the Baron with ease. This allowed them to win easily in game 1.

In game 2, KT Rolster seemed a bit shaky when they made a few mistakes as a team. However, they were already ahead of Afreeca Freecs in macros, which let them destroy enemy’s Nexus, winning 2-0.

Following is the post-match winner interview with KT Rolster’s SnowFlower and Kingen, both of whom were selected as the MVP for today's’ match.

Congratulations on your victory! SnowFlower, this is the first time you got picked as MVP. How do you feel?

SnowFlower: I got my first MVP a bit too late but I will try harder so that I can keep getting it in future; even if I don’t get it, I’ll try hard so that my team can still win.

Kingen, this is also your first time as MVP. How do you feel?

Kingen: I finally got to taste the sweet victory. I won’t forget the taste and make sure we win the next match as well.


SnowFlower, are you the one who usually make the shot calls in your team?

SnowFlower: Each of us expresses what we want and work that into macros. It’s not up to just one of us to make the calls but all five of us take part in making the calls.

Your Tresh play was amazing. Many people say that Thresh is now tier 1 since Rakan got nerfed. What is your thought on this?

SnowFlower: I’ve been giving Thresh high evaluations since last year, and even though he may not be tier 1, I still think he’s a great support to play in any situations.

How was it when you played against Spirit’s Fiddlestick?

SnowFlower: There tend to be many cases where players would play Fiddlestick to counter Thresh, but if Thresh manages to land a successful pull with Death Sentence, Fiddlestick will be at a disadvantage, meaning we can pull off a 5-5 fight.

UmTi played Kayne in game 1, and he’s known for his great plays on Kayne. Did UmTi say anything?

Kingen: He practiced playing Kayne as a team and he also had a good grasp of Kayne, so no one in the team said anything about it much.  

I heard that you, Kingen, used to go to the same school as Ucal. You said you really wanted to win in today’s match. How do you feel?

Kingen: It felt great to win but I also felt sorry because Ucal seemed sincere when he congratulated me on my win when we were shaking hands. I could see that he really meant it when he congratulated me.

Were you two close to each other back when you were going to the school together?

Kingen: We just knew each other because we were in the same major but we came real close to each other when we got to play in KT Rolster together.

Your team picked Aurelion Sol in game 2. What was the reason Bdd picked it?

Kingen: We did talk about Aurelion Sol during the practice but we didn’t pick him during the scrims. I think Bdd picked Sol because he was confident that he could play all champions.

You played against Kiin, who is renowned for his top laning. How was it?

Kingen: I was nervous but my team helped me with it. I was in a better position with our team comp. I think I would need to keep my eyes on Kiin in future.

Kingen, you’ve been playing in the LCK instead of Smeb. Did you feel any burden?

Kingen: Smeb would watch over me during scrims and give me advice. He is the spiritual pillar; he gives me the confidence rather than a burden.

KT Rolster now has to play against powerful teams in the next 4 matches: Griffin, SANDBOX, SKT, and Griffin again. How are you doing with your preparation?

SnowFlower: We are currently working on this new macro strategy as a team, which is almost completed. Once it is fully complete, we will be able to show what true KT Rolster is.

Kingen, could you also share your determination for the next match?

Kingen: I didn’t get to play in the tournament that much but I will display a performance that is just like a veteran’s. Thank you so much!

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