[Video Interview] Team One Trick ADC, YourPrincess, on making Twitch Rivals Finals - "We didn't really need coaches, we just clicked!"

(Photo from Jayden's twitter)

Immediately before LCS returned, League viewers were graced with a flashy competition featuring all their favorite Twitch Streamers! Jayden, AKA “YourPrincess” was one of these streamers, playing alongside Swifte in the bot lane for One Trick Team. During the event, she caught Imaqtpie’s eye with an incredible Jhin play, sniping down a Yasuo dashing back and forth through minions, hitting all four shots for the kill.



Jayden has been streaming for a while now, and is balancing it along with full time college as well. As an adc main, she has tough stream competition with other incredibly popular streamers like Tyler1 and Imaqtpie, but they both lost out before the finals, while YourPricess made it to that first place match! Jayden is officially better than Tyler1 and qtpie, there can be no argument otherwise! Right?

Incredibly thankful for the support of her Sushi Gang, she praises her community and those of her other favorite streamers as well. She also notes how she is working to make sure the community has positive role models, “I’m really invested in the Twitch community and I think it’s important for other streamers to do the same.” Watch what else she has to say about her time streaming, strategies to grow on Twitch (for all you new streamers out there), support from her family, and more plans for the future.

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