GEN Peanut: "The word, 'cheer up' gave me a feeling of 'thanks' but at the same time, it showed me a glimpse of how serious our situation is at."

Gen.G defeated kt Rolster 2:1 in the 2019 LCK Spring Split. 

As expected, it was such a competitive match. Each set was full of ups and downs; it was hard to predict which team would end up winning. One team would push through all the way up to the Nexus and in all of a sudden, they get aced and had to defend their own Nexus turrets. If one team secured the Baron, the other engaged for a teamfight. The series was also full of short and long pauses which made it such a strenuous match for the players.

Eventually, after losing the first game, Gen.G won the series by winning both games 2 and 3. After the match, we met up with Peanut for an interview. Although he must have been worn out from the highly competitive match, he shared some of his honest thoughts on tonight's victory. 

It was such a competitive match.  What are your thoughts on today's victory?

It was full of ups and downs. You know, sometimes mistakes hit you so hard even if you win. However, on the other hand, regarding our current circumstances,  making mistakes wasn't that important once we secured our win; we thought it was a relief that we've won. 


Who would be the hero for today? 

Everyone did very well. Our fans and officials came to support us. Our coaching staff did so much for us too. Everyone deserves to be the hero for today. 


There were a lot of pressuring situaltions which made the fans worry. What would be some improvements the team should make? 

It would be difficult to fix those mistakes all at once... First off, for today, I think we had a hard time securing our win after slaying the Baron. Since we get the buff on close situations, we get carried away a bit. We'll have to find our composure and focus more on the game itself. 


Some say that Gen.G is too reliant on their bottom duo. 

Although Ruler is performing very well, every player trusts each other so it's not something to worry about. Sometimes our top laner leads us to victory whereas sometimes our bottom lane does well. 


There seems to be more to do in order to recover the team's past reputation. What do you think should be prioritized to gain it back? 

We make a lot of mistakes. That's why we should fix that one by one. There were games where we could've won if we didn't make a few of those mistakes. 


Fans are a bit worried about the team's recent performance. 

After my last interview, people said, "why are you talking in such a sad way?" Although people cheer me up, I do think there will be others that are going through a tough time than me. So, I think, 'Why should I say I'm having a tough time even though there are so many others that are suffering more than me?'.


Who gave you the most support when the team was underperforming?

After I was on a 3 game losing streak, I felt really frustrated. That's when my fans told me to cheer up. Although I was thankful, on the other hand, I got to know what kind of situation I'm on. That's why I'm quite eager to get out of this negative situation. It felt really awkward in a way. The word, 'cheer up' gave me a feeling of 'thanks' but at the same time, it showed me a glimpse of how serious our situation is at. 


Your birthday is on the day where you'll face your former team, Kingzone. How does it mean to you?

It's my birthday and it'll be right before the lunar new years; plus I'll be facing my former team, Kingzone. I think there's a lot of weight on that match. Yes, I'll have to win and go home to proudly tell my parents, "I won!" 


What will you do on the lunar new years?

Actually, nothing really special. I'll probably be streaming if I win... Well, I don't have a lot to do... Since our practice room will close for the new years, I'm forced to go on a vacation. The next day, I'll be practicing in our gaming house. I know that it's a vacation for me, but I don't have anything to do which makes me sad. 


Any last words for the fans who stayed until the end of the game? 

I know all of our Gen.G officials who came to visit, plus our offline and online fans would have been so worn out. The series was a bit messy, but I do think it would have been fun since both teams fought a lot. Next time, I try my best to not deliver this kind of performance. (laughs)

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