GEN Ruler on Ezreal: "I knew that the opponent bottom laner was good on non-ADC champs so I picked a traditional ADC champ purpose."

On the 31st (KST),  Gen.G Esports defeated kt Rolster (KT) 2:1 in the LCK 2019 Spring Split. 

On game 1,  KT gained the early game advantage with Bdd solo killing the opponent on Aatrox. This gave the others the momentum to snowball to the mid game. With the game going into its teamfight phase, KT seemed to be on the upper hand; Zenit's Vladimir ultimate was on point for each fight. Although the long pause due to UmTi's mouse issue, KT still maintained solid and secured game 1. 

The second set started quite the opposite. This time Gen.G managed to go ahead in the early game with Peanut's ganks. KT was cleary on a disadvantage with their Gangplank having a hard time farming up on CS. Soon Gen.G slew the Baran and marched to KT's bottom inhibitor. However, KT engaged for a teamfight and Aced Gen.G. The game suddenly became upside down. After destroying Gen.G's mid inhibitor, they won another teamfight near the mid lane. Still, Gen.G managed to secure their second Baron and pushed through KT's lanes. After winning a teamfight, they advanced to KT territory and destroyed the Nexus. 

Last set was full of ups and downs. Although KT seemed to be on the slight upper hand to the mid game, Gen.G started to bounce back in late game teamfights. With Gen.G securing the Baron buff, they pushed through KT's mid lane. KT engaged for a fight by Aatrox-Lee Sin assassinating Gen.G dealers. The game went up to the 35-minute mark. After killing Lee-Sin, Gen.G went straight for the Baron. KT tried to stop them by going inside the pit for a fight, but it was hard to win a 4v5. Gen.G won and secured the buff. Soon they went straight for KT's Nexus and ended this long series. 

After the series, Gen.G Ruler joined for a live stage interview. 

What are your thoughts on today's victory?

Ruler: To be honest, I'm not satisfied with my performance so I don't feel too good. But, since each and every win is very important for us I still am happy. 


Although there were a lot of bans on the bottom lane, you still used Ezreal to go against them. 

I knew that the opponent bottom laner was good on non-ADC champs so I picked a traditional ADC champion on purpose. Among the options, I chose Ezreal. 


Weren't you pressured when the team had to defend their inhibitors in game 2? You might have lost that game. 

I knew that we could defend it. I remember talking about killing every oppoenent... Well, I'm not really sure about the calls we made. 


Game 3 was full of ups and downs. When did you think you would win that game? 

Since the pause was so long... I really don't remember exactly. I think I'll have to see the VOD to find out. 


What was tough for you during this series? 

I'm sorry to my teammates since my performance wasn't that good... I'll have to be more consistent. 


Didn't you feel nervous since you had to perform in front of the Gen.G officials? 

Yeah, it was a bit pressuring. I tried harder to deliver better performance in front of them.


Today is Roach's birthday! Any words? 

I'm not sure why I was chosen as the MVP, but I'm happy that we were able to win on Roach's birthday. I'm going to buy him something to eat.


Your next opponent is Kingzone. 

I think it'll become very tough in our future schedules if I keep on performing like today. I'll improve and be back on a better shape. 

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