[KR Reactions] 2019 LCK Spring SKT vs GRF: "Garen: Sword! Tame me!"


Before match


So, SKT vs Griffin it is… Should I order fried chicken?

ㄴ I bet it’ll be over before you get it.

ㄴ Those big matches become really one-sided, doesn’t it?

ㄴI think your chicken won’t arrive during that big match. It’ll probably arrive when the second match, Gen.G vs KT starts which seems pretty meaningless.


It seems that Griffin would win so I’m going to root for SKT. You know, it’s more fun watching and hoping for something that would never happen.

ㄴ What? You’re crazy.


Isn’t it ironic to make this match a ‘series of the century’? It just looks like an excuse for those haters to justify flaming SKT. It’s not even a 1st place vs 2nd place matchup.

ㄴ You love SKT don’t you?

ㄴ I’m an SKT fan but I actually think it’s a relief that they’re going against Griffin. If they lose 2:1 it means that they did quite a nice job. Even if SKT get swept, I’d think it’s quite a reasonable result.

ㄴ Isn’t SKT vs Griffin like Korea going against the Brazil national soccer team?

ㄴ What? When did Korea become so good at soccer?


If you’re betting, would you be able to all-in on Griffin?

ㄴJust shut up and all-in on Griffin.

ㄴ10 points for Gryffindor!

ㄴ I like to bet on the underdogs so I’m going with SKT.


Personally, I think SKT will use one of their hidden picks and push Griffin over the cliff in game 1.

ㄴ Then, they lose games 2 and 3.

ㄴ Oh, you devil.

ㄴ It was quite a solid predictions for an Iron tier user.

Dopa: “Tarzan is so good these days right? But, is Clid performing badly? No. I think it’ll go to whether which team can make better drafts. We’ll have to see what would happen but I’m not going to watch it guys. Why? Because time is gold for me.”



Game 1

A Worlds Finals trailer~!

ㄴ Yo, please stop counting your chickens too soon.

The following graph is a comparison on both team’s KDA. (SKT: blue, Griffin: red)

ㄴOh my god. Look at Chovy’s KDA… 84.0… He’s not human.  

ㄴFaker becoming an ‘ordinary’ player...


Yes! Finally, Faker’s Ryze! Man, it’s been a while.

ㄴ Let’s watch one of Faker’s legendary highlights.

Wait… Wrong one LOL.

ㄴOh you devil.


A free mid turret.

ㄴ Now there really is a change in the mid lane I guess.

ㄴ Griffin is just so good.


Dragon stolen… SKT...
ㄴ Dream team-> Dead team.

ㄴ Griffin is real good. It’s not just about the top-mid difference. They’re just a better team in general.

ㄴ  Their plays make aggressive opponents suddenly play passively.

ㄴ Now that Griffin won… I’d like to see them on Garen at least once. I know that they’re cold-blooded but I still know that they have some kind of sympathy inside them.  

ㄴ The only hope left for Garen...

Who is this?



Game 2


Wow look at this. It was quite a competitive game!

Oh, my bad.

ㄴ How did they win that time?


Look at Uzi who’s currently the guest commentator for this match.

ㄴ He seems very complicated to see his rival collapse.  

AP Lucian first blood!
ㄴ He showed mercy by buying Doran’s Ring and maxing W first. But still, Cassiopeia lost.

SKT collapses!!!

ㄴ Khan = Expensive Thal.  

ㄴ This is even more one-sided compared to the first set.

ㄴ It would have been nice if Faker survived after he Flashed.


It’s like Mayweather vs Pacquiao.

ㄴ We thought it would be so fun… But turns out quite one-sided

ㄴ Show me the money!


WOW. SKT just secured their first kill against Griffin. Congrats!

ㄴ One step closer to the Worlds stage.  

ㄴ Gives away 3 kills and a Flash.  

ㄴ I’m just trying to see the bright side you know...


So, was SKT’s draft awful?

Does it still look awful?

ㄴ Yo, this gives me the shivers…


How about giving a little twist on Griffin’s draft?

ㄴ Oh no. Sorry to Jin Air but it seems so weak.


Sword! Tame me!

I know why you made your nickname, ‘Sword’!


So, SKT fails to destroy a single turret.

Turret: “Did the game even start?”


My chicken just arrived.

ㄴ You’re stupid. Well, have a good meal.

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