Afreeca Freecs Kiin on Playing Against KT: "Honestly, I think we and KT are in a similar situation so it will be about each team dying in turns during team fights."


Afreeca Freecs defeated Jin Air Green Wings 2-0 on January 30th, the first day of week 3 for the LCK 2019 Spring Season. The first game went for a long time, with both teams running into losses and gains. Afreeca Freecs started to get ahead of JAG with better vision control, taking the Baron as well. JAG players tried their best to defend their Nexus, although they were helpless when AF players marched on to destroy it rather than be engaged in another fight.

The second game was an easy one for Afreeca Freecs. With 19 kills and just one death, AF crushed JAG. Kiin, the top laner for Afreeca Freecs, played a big part in overwhelming the enemy team, leading his team to one more victory. This is a post-match interview we had with him.

This is your second victory. How do you feel?

I’m relieved that we got to win today since we are in a position where each win is so valuable to us.


What kind of feedback did you mainly get as a team so far?

We were told that our teamwork wasn’t working, not just in-game. That is why we focused on working on our teamwork more.


There were many brawls taking place throughout today’s match; you won most of them with 19 kills and 1 death in game 2. How was your team atmosphere back then?

It was a win we didn’t get for a long time so everyone was excited and happy. Fortunately, the team atmosphere was great.


It was the first time Kayne was ever played in the LCK. For what part of strategy did you prepare Kayne when you were practicing him? You had a Jarvan IV support, too.

Our coach saw how Dread liked playing Kayne, so he suggested that Dread play Kayne in the tournament.

(When you come up with new strategies like this, do you usually refer to your coach’s advice or come up with your own? Or both?)

I think both. Our coaches tend to let us play the champions we want.


Will there be any more surprise picks in the future like you did today?

We haven’t come up with one yet, but I’m sure we will soon.


Aiming and Dread were picked as today’s MVP; if you were to personally pick someone else (possibily yourself as well) as MVP, who would it be?

I would pick Spirit because he has done very well even though it was his first time playing that role in an actual match.


You and your teammates totally crushed your enemies today. But there must have been something you found you could have done better. Was there anything you wish you played differently?

We could have finished the first game much quicker but it took longer because we kept making mistakes. I wish we could have played differently in the first set.


You will be playing against KT Rolster next time. How do you think it will go?

Honestly, I think we and KT are in a similar situation so it will be about each team dying in turns during team fights. But I do think that we should do better by trying hard.


Is there anyone in KT you are keeping your eyes on?

I can’t really pick a single person, but the enemy top, mid, and jungler are veterans so I can’t help but keep my eyes on them.


Lastly, any message for your fans?

We’ve lately been performing badly but we finally got a win today. We will make sure to come back with better performance. Thank you so much!

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