Gen.G Ruler's Message for TL CoreJJ: "I saw CoreJJ dying ridiculously many times in today’s match. You gotta try harder, hyung. Fighting!"


Gen.G won against Jin Air Green Wings 2-1 on the last day of the 2nd week for the LCK 2019 Spring Season. It was unpredictable which team will win today when each team got a win in the first 2 games. However, Ruler, the bot laner for Gen.G, played a crucial part in making sure that it was his team that crushed JAG in team fights. With Ruler’s help, his team was able to get their first victory.

This is the interview we had with Gen.G’s Ruler.

It was a long day today. You were able to win by 2-1. How do you feel?

I was sorry we made mistakes individually and as a team when w could have won 2-0. But still, I am very glad that we got to have that valuable 1 win.

This is the first victory you’ve ever been waiting for. How do you feel?


We had good results from our practice so I was looking forward to playing in the LCK this season. But how we lost many times made me sad. I hope we can start a winning streak from now on.

How were you able to make your younger players feel better during a losing streak?

Our team members don’t really become low spirited even if we lose. I didn’t pay too much attention since our team atmosphere became good again without me trying to make it so.

What kind of feedback did you get so far and was there any special secret to winning today?

We were too rigid when we lost three times. We got feedback many times on how we were scared to make a move so we tried to fix that as much as we could.

Jin Air Green Wings suddenly played aggressively and won the second game. It must have made you nervous. What kind of feedback did you get before game 3?

We were told that we need to get ourselves together since we lost because we weren’t playing good. There wasn’t much we were worried about game 3.

You still have a long way to go, although you do have time. What is the biggest goal for you personally?

My biggest goal is to do what I need to do without dying much. Our team didn’t do well at first so right now, my goal is to make it to the playoffs.

A variety of picks are made nowadays, but you, Ruler, is known for playing a traditional AD Carry role. Is there any surprise pick you happened to be practicing in secret?

There are a few non-ADC champions I am practicing at the moment. But I still play AD Carry a lot to go along with our team comp more.

You must have felt sorry about not being able to do your post-match victory interviews. You must also have a few things that you didn’t get to say even if you wanted. Is there anything you would like to say?

It turned out, I stopped caring about what I want to say when we were on a losing streak. It made me focus only on playing League of Legends. Maybe I’ll have something to say when we start winning in a row.

Your coaches must be the ones having the hardest time out of all. Would you like to share a word of encouragement for them?

We just got one victory. I hope we can move further on by having all players and coaches trying hard together.

What is your thought on KT Rolster’s bot laners?

I don’t think they are that scary but they still have the impact. I am keeping my eyes on them.

Lastly, if you were to say something to your old partner, CoreJJ, who won in his first game abroad?

I saw CoreJJ dying ridiculously many times in today’s match. You gotta try harder, hyung. Fighting!

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