SANDBOX Gaming Ghost: "To me, I see Griffin as the final boss...If we do beat Griffin, I can confidently say that we will be the best team in the LCK."

On the 26th, SANDBOX Gaming defeated Hanwha Life Esports 2-0.

Both teams known for super aggression, no one knew who would be the superior aggressor. SANDBOX Gaming, without hesitation, showed initiative that caught Hanwha off guard in both games. Already taking down SKT T1 and now Hanwha, SANDBOX is shocking everyone as a ‘new rookie team’.

After the games, we did a follow-up interview with Ghost. Talking previously about the excitement on facing SKT’s bot lane, we wanted to hear what Ghost thought on winning both SKT and Hanwha.

¤ How do you feel about your win today?

To be honest, I was expecting a lot more aggression coming from the sides of both us and Hanwha. But from my point of view, it was fairly peaceful in the bot lane. It was pretty comfortable for me.

¤ People say that Hanwha Life’s strength is playing aggressively. However, SANDBOX seems to have our aggressed Hanwha in today’s series. What are your thoughts on this?

We talked about this before the game. We are both going into a knife fight, but we knew that our blade was going to be a lot sharper and sturdier than theirs. Our team believed that we would win when it comes to aggression because our blade is stronger.

¤ Recently, Afreeca Freecs has introduced a variety of non ADC champions for the bot lane. Do you have any plans to play non Marksman champions?

I do think a lot about the large champion pool that is available for ADCs, especially non Marksman champions. I think the champions like Vlad or Viktor, who don’t lose in lane and do well in team fights, are extremely good. Other than these, unless your team completely plays around it, I’d like to believe it might be detrimental for your team.

¤ In the previous interview, you said that you were curious about how you will fair against SKT’s bot lane. Now that you have beaten them and Hanwha, is there any bot lane that scares you?

Rather than a bot lane I am scared of, I am worried about facing Griffin. They have almost perfect synergy within their team. I am just scared of Griffin as a team.

¤ So if you do defeat Griffin, will there be anything that you are scared of?

If we do beat Griffin, I can confidently say that we will be the best team in the LCK.

¤ You and Joker played an incredible game today. If you had to pick one best and worst thing about Joker, what would it be?

The best thing about Joker is that he is very decisive when it comes to calls, and he lifts up the team. That is what I respect about Joker. I guess the worst thing about Joker is that he sometimes plays the game very emotionally. From time to time, the deaths stack up a couple of times. Despite this, he never dies empty-handed. Joker always makes sure he either sets up a play or makes one when he dies.

¤ Lastly, is there anything you want to say?

To me, I see Griffin as the final boss. Hence, it makes Damwon our boss to beat before we get to take down Griffin. No matter what happens, I’ll try my best to make the games as entertaining as possible for you guys.

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