SANDBOX Gaming OnFleek: "We ultimately decided to play our own game. Not worrying on what SKT might do but focusing on our own plays. That was difference."

On the 24th, SANDBOX Gaming won against SKT T1 2-1.

To much surprise, SANDBOX Gaming ended the day undefeated and took down SKT. Today’s match was to the utmost importance for both teams. For SANDBOX, they would be taking down one of the most feared teams in the LCK. For SKT, they would be giving SANDBOX their first loss.

Despite all the expectations, SANDBOX Gaming pulled out ahead in games 2 and 3 to close the series 2-1. With no doubt, OnFleek, jungler for SANDBOX, helped his team gain momentum and initiative in games 2 and 3. Successfully executing gank after gank with Camille, OnFleek displayed exactly why his jungle picks should be respected and feared.

After the series, we interviewed OnFleek. Let’s see what he has to say about taking down SKT T1.

¤ How do you feel about the win?

I was extremely worried about today’s game against SKT. I’m happy we won.

¤ There was an interview where your coach said he will not be intimidated by SKT. Did your teammates think the same? How did you guys prepare for today’s game?

He told us that as long as we play our own playstyle, we can takedown SKT. Also, our scrim results were good. However, even with all this, I was still worried. Before going into the game, I thought the chances of us winning was 50-50.

¤ I’m curious on what areas SANDBOX focused on practicing specifically against SKT.

We didn’t really create a strategy against SKT. We just practiced creating and playing compositions that fit us. All of us had the mindset that we will not lose to our opponents. The ‘If they hit us, we hit back’ kind of thing. We oriented our team composition this way.

¤ If you had to pick an MVP for today, who would it be?

I want to pick Summit. Losing the first game, Summit seemed uneasy going into the second game. However, after grabbing that solo kill on Khan, Summit said  “Top is over.” Hearing those words, I was relieved. I felt thankful. With those exact words, Summit single handedly lifted the team atmosphere.

¤ It is safe to say that you carried the third game on Camille. How were you able to execute such successful ganks? Was it because you knew where Clid was? Or was it a vision difference?

Whenever I am playing Camille, my number one priority is to scout and find the enemy jungler. After a certain point in the game, Clid’s pathing was predictable. It was hard for Gragas to look for viable angles to gank. This is why I could see when and where he was going to be.

¤ After game 1, you played extremely well in games 2 and 3. What kind of feeback did you receive?

We went into the set of playing how we prepared. However, in game 1, SKT T1 caught us off guard. Hence why from our feedback, our coach told us ‘I think we were too busy worrying about what SKT was doing instead of focusing on our play.” We ultimately decided to play our own game. Not worrying on what SKT might do but focusing on our own plays. That was difference.

¤ You will be facing against Hanwha, Damwon, and Griffin. They are all very strong teams. What are your predictions?

Hanwha is a very aggressive team. Since we are also fairly aggressive, I predict we will win 2-0. For Damwon, I’m not really sure. I think we might lose one game? Still, I predict 2-1. In regards to Griffin, I think they will have a slight edge over us. Griffin has good team synergy and seem to make the least mistakes. I believe we have a high chance to lose to Griffin. Despite this, I’d like to think we could take a game off Griffin. I guess we have to work hard.

¤ The new teams for 2019 are formidable. A new team, like SANDBOX, has taken down a strong and historical LCK team. Your confidence must be up and beyond. How is the team atmosphere?

We are all in high spirits. From today’s win, it made us realize that our previous wins were not just luck. I’d like to believe that we will continue to do well in the future.

¤ SANDBOX is now gaining popularity as a ‘Wildcard’ team. Is there anything you want to say?

Our team is on the upwards trend right now. We are going to win all of our upcoming games. Stay tuned for our match against Griffin.

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