GRF Lehends: "The phrase "5 of us are united as 1" is quite difficult and abstract. Still, it has a meaning of perfection and we're trying our best to become perfect."

On the 23rd of January (KST), Griffin (GRF) swept Hanwha Life Esports (HLE) and extended their winning streak to 3. 

Although they were on quite a disadvantage in game 1 against Hanwha, GRF was again exceptional in teamfights. They came back from a huge deficit and secured game 1. The second set was one-sided. GRF was ahead in the lane phase and also outplayed HLE in mid game skirmishes and teamfights. They soon destroyed HLE's Nexus and successfully extended their winning streak. 

After the match, we met up with Griffin's support, Lehends for an interview. 

You've extended your winning streak to 3.  How would you rate your own performance for today? 

Lehends: We started our series on a disadvantage. I think it started from our mistakes we made. That's why I didn't feel that good after game 1. Still, we managed to perform as planned in game 2. Although I'm satisfied about our win, I found out a lot of flaws. 


Did you still think that you might lose game 1? Weren't you a bit pressured? 

Well, as a pro, you shouldn't think about losing. Still, I'm pretty sure that we unconsciously thought we might lose that game. That's why we focused on making it to the late game teamfight phase. 


It feels that you guys are currently an upgraded version of yourselves compared to last year. What kind of improvements do you think the team made? 

I think there aren't any notable improvements. But you know that once you take your first step, your second becomes more confident and your third step becomes a natural thing to do. While we stacked experience, we improved. 


In our previous interview with cvMax, he told us, "the reason why my players can make those plays is that the 5 of them and I share the same thoughts and understanding".  Do you also think the players share the same thoughts as cvMax? 

Our slogan is: "5 of us are united as 1". As a matter of fact that "5" each refers to top-mid-jungle-bottom duo-head coach. I know that the phrase "5 of us are united as 1" is quite difficult and abstract. Still, it has a meaning of perfection and we're trying our best to become perfect. 


In the live stage interview, Viper said that he does not prefer to play alongside a Fiddlesticks support. Well, do you have any bottom lane champions that you don't prefer to play with? 

Well... Viper seemed to play Vayne a lot in scrims. Personally, I think Vayne can't do a lot in lane phase. The support needs to give full support and care. Still, it's a scrim so it was okay... Well, I had quite a tough time. (laughs) Yeah, I don't like to play with Vayne. Viper sometimes said, "Give me Vayne!" (laughs)  


Your next matchup will be DAMWON Gaming. What are your expectations?

As long as we perform well,  I think we can secure the win rather easily. Oh yeah, Nuclear was my former teammate in SBENU... Well, I'm looking forward to going against him.


Griffin has now gained a lot of global recognition! Can you share your goals for this year? 

My goal is, undoubtably, winning the LCK. And, I'd like to participate in international tournaments and deliver great results. I'll be asking for more support! Thank you! 

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