KZ TusiN on Deft: "He has a vast understanding of the game in general. Although he is a bottom laner, he does so many things. I’m learning a lot from him."

On the 23rd of January (KST),  Kingzone DragonX (KZ) defeated kt Rolster (KT) 2:0 and secured their first win for the Spring Split.

A win was needed for these two former LCK champions. With both teams going through a rebuild in their starting lineup during this preseason, they seemed to have difficulties on winning the past 2 LCK series for 2019.

In this series, KZ and KT weren’t in their best shapes in game 1. They both made some minor mistakes, and as a result, the game itself was full of ups and downs. KT seemed to be on top by clearing KZ’s Nexus turrets. However, KZ managed to bounce back with Rascal’s exceptional play near the Nexus. After defending their Nexus, they won a few teamfights and secured game 1.

In game 2, KZ seemed to have gained momentum and managed to snowball early in the game. They were ahead in every lane and soon started to win most skirmishes and teamfights. KZ soon won a huge fight in the mid game and closed down the series.


After the match, KZ’s support, TusiN joined the press room for an interview.


It was your first win. How does it feel?

It was pretty tough to win a single match. It’s a relief that we’ve won.


In game 1, KZ’s Nexus was almost destroyed and you guys defended it in the nick of time.

Deft and I died. Since we needed quite a lot of time to respawn, I thought of taking care of my mental state and get ready for game 2. However, Rascal did very well on defending our base. I thought this was a god-given chance and focused again.


KZ used Jinx-Alistar in the bottom lane. Was Jinx a prepared pick?

Deft was confident on Jinx. Our coaching staff approved and that’s why we used her.


Now you’re playing with Deft. How does it feel performing alongside him?

Deft has a vast understanding of the game in general. Although he is a bottom laner, he does so many things. I’m learning a lot while playing alongside him.


How was the team’s atmosphere when you were on a losing streak?

I can’t say that the atmosphere was alright. However, it wasn’t that bad. I thought that we needed more time to shape up as a team and also thought positively even if we lost.


Who leads the team atmosphere?

Our head coach said, “We might lose and we might win. However, as long as we learn a lot in a single game, it’s fine”. I think the players cheered up after hearing that from him.


Although it’s still the beginning of the split, KZ is placed low in the standings. Are you confident to bounce back?

If we keep on making mistakes, we’ll not improve. However, we are gradually improving in that matter and I believe our standings will become higher soon.


Your next opponent will be Afreeca Freecs. How does it feel?

A few days earlier, I bumped into head coach iloveoov while our team and his team both were on 2L. He told me that he was having a tough time. He said that we should grab something to eat together soon. Well, I’d like to buy him something to eat after defeating him.

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