iG Rookie on Yasuo: "I don't feel much towards playing this champion since it is difficult to win with him. I think it's just a fun pick and that's it."

On the 21st of January (CST), Invictus Gaming (iG) defeated Rogue Warriors (RW) 2:0 in the 2019 LPL Spring.

The current Worlds champions, iG was a bit shaky in the early game against RW this series. In both games 1 and 2, the team seemed to have difficulties in early skirmishes. However, they started to outplay RW in the mid-game. After the game went to its teamfight phase, iG dominated the opponent, showing some stellar individual mechanics. With iG sweeping the series once again, they are still currently undefeated in the 2019 LPL Spring.

After the match, the winners of this series, iG was interviewed.

[To JackeyLove] How well do you think you're currently performing? Also, can you rate the opponent's bottom duo?

JackeyLove: I don't think I am doing exceptionally well recently; my performance is just decent. The enemy bottom lane duo was ok. I think we were more aggressive.


[To Ning] Does Duke and TheShy need more help in the top lane?

Ning: Neither of them needs my help. Even if I don't go to their lane, they can win their matchup. I just go to secure kills.


[To Rookie] IG is doing very well and hasn't lost yet. Are you confident in continuing to win?

Rookie: If we continue winning, I think this [winning streak] can be maintained. As JackeyLove just mentioned, our team's isn't in our best shapes right now. That's why we need to continue to win and improve our overall performance. Even if we lose, it will be okay as long as we can find and fix our mistakes.


[To TheShy] Which team do you think are some strong competitors and which team do you want to play against?

TheShy: Since there are still a lot of teams left to play, I don't know yet. Maybe I'll know once we play against more teams.


[To Ning] Since you will be playing against JDG next, can you rate Levi and Flawless? Who do you want to play against more?

Ning: There's nothing to look forward to. I really don't mind ging against either of them. Currently, they seem to be in the same situation as I am.


[To Coach] How do you feel about facing JDG next?

Coach: From what I remember the last time we played against them, they were a team that had good synergy. Now that they've made some changes in their roster,  the players seem even stronger than before.


[To Rookie] Do you think Yasuo should be picked on the stage? Would you pick him?

Rookie: Only people who have a lot of practice on him can play him well. I do think he can be used this split. You can pick him if you want to, but you need a lot of practice on him. I don't feel much towards playing this champion since it is difficult to win with him. I think it's just a fun pick and that's it.


[To Ning] How strong do you think Kayn is? Also, which Kayn form [Red or Blue] would you recommend to the players who choose to play him?

Ning: It's hard to win jungle matchups using Kayn. It's really hard to recommend to go with Red or Blue since I think that no one actually plays him that much. 


[To Coach] Now that the team is on a 3 game winning streak, which team do you think is iG's biggest rival in the LPL right now?

Coach: It doesn't have anything to do with consecutive wins. From a coach's perspective, any team that has defeated iG in the past can be a threat.


[To Rookie] You’ve said you weren't at your best before. So, now that you've played a few more matches, how much do you think you have recovered your performance? 

Rookie: I don't think I am doing well in solo queue... My on-stage performance is pretty much the same as well. Solo queues, scrims, and official matches are different from each other. Although I'm playing in official matches, I am not at my best. Still, my teammates are great players so I'll be able to recover my performance with their help. 


[To Ning] You were named the MVP for 5 straight sets. The second game for this series was the only time you weren't the MVP. What are your thoughts on this?

Ning: Honestly, I never thought about getting an MVP on Lee Sin. I think that he is not a champion that can win one. Well, I think JackeyLove is the true hero.

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