DAMWON's Head Coach Micro: "Our first week was great; I’m going to support my players so that they can play as good as they can without having any burden in the second week"


On January 19th, the 4th day of the 1st week for the LCK 2019 Spring Season took place at the LoL Park, South Korea. The 1st match was between DAMWON Gaming and KT Rolster. It seemed at first both teams were almost even in the number of kills with each team winning a team fight in the 1st game. However, DAMWON focused on keeping their enemy AD Carry from scaling with much harrasment, which played a part in turning the game around. DAMWON Gaming was able to successfully win the team fights taking place in fron the Baron as their enemy AD Carry had no chance to deal much damage. DAMWON marched on to destroy the enemy Nexus when they won their last fight.

In the 2nd game, DAMWON Gaming showed no mercy for their enemies when they crushed KT Rolster. Nuguri’s Vladimir carried his team, dealing the most damage out of both teams. This made DAMWON Gaming the winner of the match as they defeated KT Rolster 2-0.

Following is the interview with DAMWON Gaming's Head Coach, Micro.

Congratulations on your victory today. How do you feel about it?

We were nervous at first when we saw the brackets since there were so many powerful teams. However, I’m glad and relieved that we are off to a great start.

They say that KT Rolster does a great job of educating their rookies; what about DAMWON  Gaming?

My players don’t know well about the history of other teams yet. I didn’t tell my players that their opponent team had such team image since I didn’t want to put any burden on their shoulders. We simply prepared ourselves with the mindset that we focus on us doing well. That is why my players didn’t feel any burden.

The brawls in the 1st set, were they planned? How did you prepare for it?

We had a team comp that will let us win easily if we did alright in the early-mid phase. However, we made a few mistakes in the early phase and that led us to having brawls. But we were able to win quite easily because we didn’t make any more mistake during these skirmishes.

Did you see Nuguri’s Vladimir? He played well on Vladimir.

Although it is not widely known in the LCK but Nuguri was reknowned for his Vladimir plays on the KR server. This is why we got Vladimir banned so many times back in the Challengers League. It seemed that our opponent team today didn’t know about this beforehand, making it easy for us.

SKT T1 will be playing against Griffin today. They are the teams you said you want to defeat before.

I think the team atmosphere is especially important the new teams. Having the spirit. 
Fortunately, our first week was great; I’m going to support my players so that they can play as good as they can without having any burden in the second week. Of course, it will be great if we win but if I were to evaluate it rather strictly, I think we are in the position of following other teams. Regardless of the result, we will play with the mindset that we will show great performance. Rather than going after victory, I think victory will come to us if we play well. If our opponent team is better, then oh, well.


Which team out of these two do you want to defeat the most?


Griffin, of course (Laughs).

Any last message?

There were much burden on us since we had more attention than we deserved for a rookie team. We won’t let you down your expectations and show great performance with a good preparation. Thank you.

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