The LCK 2019 off with a Great, Fierce Start: “Meta these days…”


This week’s editorial cartoon is about the LCK Spring Split starting off with the fierce ‘brawl’ meta.

As the LCK went through a rough time last year, it received a lot of criticism and disapproval from the fans. The ‘safe and cautious’ play style that was often seen in the LCK received the most judgment; the LCK style of playing safe and risk-free until the mid-late phase was often compared to how other regional teams did not hesitate to actively engage in fights. Not only did it prove less fun for the viewers, but its results were also unsatisfactory as well.

Riot has been adding patches that were focused around skirmishes since last year. This means that the game is changing so that it is more about fighting aggressively from the early phase rather than being cautious till the later phase. These changes are well reflected in the League’s atmosphere with the new patches.

Many of the League fans welcomed the hectic early phase skirmishes and unpredictable drafts, having grown bored of the slow pace the game had last year. The 
new teams with outstanding individual mechanical skills like Griffin and DAMWON Gaming have been gaining many new fans - a testament to how fond people are off faster-paced playstyles. Meanwhile, those who are welcoming changes are strongly encouraging the 'safe' teams with predictable drafts to push themselves to change.

The current meta is asking for more and more changes, so it's unclear what sort of meta will become dominant. One thing is certain though; we will be able to see more games with more exciting fights. This year’s LCK will definitely need a change to get them to achieve better results. How will it go? The first week of the thrilling LCK games passed and the fans of League of Legends cannot help but look forward to future games.

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