Which one is the most anticipated MMO Shooter for 2019? - Anthem vs. The Division 2

Anthem and The Division 2 are probably the most anticipated MMO Shooters (or TPS RPGs) for 2019.

Although the two games are both shooting games, they have a very different atmosphere. Anthem will be released on February 22nd, and The Division 2 will be released on March 15th; there are only a few weeks between the two games’ release dates, and both games will have some very lengthy playtime. Of course, you can buy both of them, but you will have to choose one to take priority.

With about 2 months left before the release, which one has caught your attention more?


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■ Anthem - Stunning visuals of nature, magic, and the Javelin Exosuit


Anthem is coming to PC, PS4, and XBOX One on February 22nd. It is an MMO Shooter with a fascinating Sci-Fi setting.

With its astonishing visuals and the dynamic battle action using the Javelin Exosuit, Anthem is drawing a lot of attention not only from shooting game fans but also from those who love beautiful graphics and flashy display.

The Javelin Exosuits have a unique trait based on their type, and you will be playing as either the Colossus, the Ranger, the Storm, or the Interceptor depending on the type of Exosuit you are wearing. As the devs have mentioned, Anthem is a game where teamplay is the core feature. It is extremely important to know what your character must do in a party and play your role well.

The Colossus is a tank who is also capable of dealing damage with heavy arms, and the Interceptor is a melee assassin like Genji in Overwatch. The Storm is like a mage in classical MMORPGs that has a lot of AoE skills but has weak defense, Lastly, the Ranger can support allies with grenades and support gear. The Exosuit type is similar to classes in other RPGs, but the Exosuit offers many different play styles depending on how you tune the suit, even within the same “class”.

Anthem is currently available for pre-order from the Origin online store. You can access the VIP demo test from Jan 25th to Jan 27th if you pre-order the game. The open demo test will be held for three days starting from Feb 1st, and you can start playing the game a week earlier (from Feb 15th) if you purchase the Origin Access.


■ The Division 2 - Surviving Post Apocalypse Washington D.C.


The Division 2, scheduled to be released on March 15th on PC, PS4, and XBOX One, is darker, more realistic, and more depressing than Anthem. In The Division, you struggle to survive in a post-apocalyptic world.

The Division 1 portrayed catastrophic Manhattan after a biological terror in a 1 to 1 scale to give a feeling of an isolated city, and The Division 2 features the summer of a devastated Washington D.C. 6 months after The Division 1 under the same situation in a 1 to 1 scale.

Both The Division 1 and 2 are set in a post-apocalyptic city, but the mood is very different. The Division 1 captured the gray, deserted winter, while The Division 2 has a lot of red and green backgrounds to match summer and the jungle.

Also, in The Division 2 you will have to choose a Specialization and play with that character, unlike in The Division 1 where your role and combat style were determined by your gear. The Specializations are Sharpshooter, Demolitionist, and Survivalist, and each Specialization uses a different signature weapon. (Sharpshooter - TAC 50C AM Rifle, Demolitionist - M32A1 Grenade Launcher, Survivalist - Explosive Tipped Crossbow)

The Division 2 is also currently available for pre-order in the Uplay store, and anyone who purchased the pre-order can participate in the private beta test which will be held from Feb 7th to Feb 11th. If you did not pre-order the game, you must apply for the beta test on the official website and receive an invitation.

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