[LPL Interview] SNG Maple on RNG and Karsa: "I’m confident. (To Karsa) Let me think... I hope we can beat them."

The 3rd day of the 1st week in the LPL 2019 Spring Season took place on January 16th in Hangzhou, China. The first match was between Suning Gaming and Vici Gaming. Though Vici Gaming won the first set, Suning Gaming won the rest of the sets with great teamwork and backup during the team fights. 

The following is the interview with the players and coaches from Suning Gaming.



You lost the first game today. What did you change after it?

Coach Comet:
There were many accidents in the first game. So we didn’t change many things. I always believe our players are better.

What do you think of your performance today? What about your opponents?

Smlz: So-so.

You will play against RNG for the next game in Beijing. Do you think you will win? Do you have any words for Karsa?

Maple: I’m confident. (To Karsa) Let me think... I hope we can beat them.

Why did you pick Lissandra two games in a row?

Coach Comet: She’s really popular recently. It suits our strategy.


You played Viktor as AD Carry in the first game but you lost. Is mage bot good right now or not?

It depends on how you play it.

Both of the VG bot duos are rookies. Did you feel any pressure?

SwordArt: I think they played well. They were aggressive and had some special picks like Zilean. Although we won the series, I think they performed really well.

What did you think of the game today? What has been changed since the Demacia Cup?

Coach Comet: We were a bit unlucky in the first game. We didn’t expect some of the champions. The second and third games were clean. We focus more on the team plays now.

Flash Wolves will play in the LMS the day after tomorrow. Do you have any words for your former teammate Betty?

Maple: Happy birthday Betty. I think FW will win.

SwordArt: We still talk although we are not on the same team. I hope FW can keep winning.

Many people thought this series should be easy for you. Did you expect it to be a comeback? How’s synergy between you and SwordArt?

Smlz: I didn’t expect it. And It’s all right. We just had some unlucky moments today.


It was your first LPL match today. And you got your first MVP, how do you feel? Can you compare the LPL and LMS?

Our scrims helped a lot. We didn’t play as bad as we did in the Demacia Cup. There are more audiences. Teams are stronger too.

What do you think of SN players today? Did they meet your expectations?

Coach Comet: It was unfortunate that our bot and jungler didn’t cooperate well. I hope it will improve.

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