Riot Hosts Their First LCK Regular Season Event, Accidental Camera Shot Exposes a Team’s Strategies


January 16th was the first day of the LCK 2019 Spring Season. The LCK had been hosted by OGN until this year, as Riot decided to take over and host the tournament themselves. This makes it the very first day of the first regular season with Riot hosting and they have already faced a disaster; an unfortunate camera angle exposed a team’s strategies and drafts.

This incident took place when the first set of the SKT T1 vs. Jin Air Green Wings match ended and the second set was about to start. The camera caught Alvingo, the coach for Jin Air Green Wings, holding a notebook; the camera exposed the strategies and drafts Alvingo had written down for his team, including the ones for their future games. The camera instantly moved away but the damage had already been done. The screenshots of the footage have already gone viral within the KR community.


▲The notebook that had JAG’s strategies and drafts written down. They were exposed on camera.

H-Dragon couldn’t hide how perturbed he was during his interview with Inven. He admitted he found out about it only after the match ended, and also noted that “it is an incident that other teams, not just our team, could go through.”

Riot Games Korea directly sent an apology to JAG’s Head Coach, H-Dragon, promising to keep any similar incidents from happening ever again. It is said that H-Dragon accepted the apology, emphasizing the need to prevent the incident from repeating.

any of the Korean fans expressed their disappointment, saying that OGN did a better job hosting the tournament overall, providing a better viewing experience. Riot is off to a rocky start and will need to make up for their mistakes by improving the viewing experience if they wish to be successful with their first LCK hosting.

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