Untara Posts an Explanation Video Regarding Recent Controversy



Untara posted a video on his YouTube channel that briefly explained his position regarding the controversy he was involved in with bbq Olivers.

On January 8th, Untara posted a video on his channel
 that showed bbq Oliver’s new jungler, Malice, pinging excessively at his teammates. This led to LS, the coach for bbq Olivers, posting complaints on Twitter, accusing Untara of exaggerating Malice’s in-game behavior to garner views and bullying Malice because he is a foreigner in Korea. Untara, in his defense, responded that he had no intention of exaggerating or bullying Malice for being a foreigner. He also said that he will be taking the video down if it makes them uncomfortable. However, Untara decided against it since he thought he found nothing wrong with it. He provided further details on his thoughts during his stream, which he later posted to Youtube on January 15th; the video briefly explained his stance on the whole situation (To follow what happened in detail, read the article here).  




This is what Untara said in his video:

“There isn’t anything that was exaggerated in that video. I didn’t take a break from playing in the Spring Season to do things like this. I didn’t make this video because he was a foreigner; it’s not like I wouldn’t have done it if it was a Korean player -- if a Korean pro did the same thing [as Malice did], then there would have been an end put to it already. Their coaches would have been informed already. If it was a Korean player, this wouldn’t have even gone up on social media; their coaches would have been informed right away (and action would have been taken). LS said that I posted this video to get views and make money, but posting this one video doesn’t make me much money. That video shows facts in a way; what Malice did didn’t happen just one or two times but has been happening for a long time. I have met him in solo ranked games even when I wasn’t streaming and [I posted the video because] it was repeated. They say he apologized recently but he doesn’t seem sorry at all. That is why I posted that video. As I always say, before I became a pro gamer, I used to get suspended many times for verbal abuse. I used to say extreme swear words but after I became a pro, I was careful in my words and actions. But [Malice] seemed to do it even after he became a pro…

Lastly, if Malice or myself continue with our pro gaming career, we could meet in the stadium or tournaments; I respect Malice for his skills so I hope he will become a person who is befitting of a professional. To me, a pro gamer is also a public figure that appears on TV so I think they should always be exemplary. I hope you, the viewers, don’t talk about this anymore in the future as well.

I thank everyone who supported me and I will try my best to show only my positive side in the future.”

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