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Twitch to host $10,000 Hearthstone Arena Team Challenge



It’s a great month so far for fans of Hearthstone’s Arena mode. After the game mode’s numbers were tuned by Team 5 last week in order to balance all classes out, yesterday a brand new Arena tournament was announced by Twitch. Led by caster Dan “Frodan” Chou, the streaming platform is giving away ten thousand dollars in total among the invited streamers.

The tournament offers a fresh take on competitive Arena. All participants have to team up with a partner and form a team in order to compete. Each team then plays six Arena runs (three per player), with the final score being the total amount of wins the team was able to get. In order to check the legitimacy of the result, all competitors will have to stream their runs.

Although the list of participating teams has not been revealed yet, some of the most well-known Arena players have hinted at - or have been hinted at - taking part in the event. Streaming giants Kripparrian and Hafu are almost guaranteed to be involved. Other Arena specialists, such as Shadybunny, ADWCTA and Merps are likely to lead one of the twenty teams too.

The Arena Draft Team Challenge is Twitch’s second Hearthstone-themed event in a relatively short time-frame. In October, streamers were challenge to accumulate 5000 gold as soon as possible on a brand-new Hearthstone account.

All of the Arena action commences on January 29th, noon Eastern Time, and can be followed via Twitch Rivals’ channel.


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