[Episode 1] 2019 LCK Spring Profile Photo Shoot - Griffin, Kingzone Dragon X, SANDBOX Gaming, and Hanwha Life esports


After the recent end to the Kespa Cup, new teams and players will be joining all of us at the 2019 LCK Spring Korea next week. The first split is always an important one. With the upcoming Spring Split, all the LCK teams are extensively preparing for the long journey ahead.

In the midst of the unforgivable cold weather, all the players gathered at LoL Park to have their profiles taken for the new season. Despite some players who seem, still, a bit awkward in front of the camera, the veteran players remember exactly what pose works best. In this first episode, we have Griffin, Kingzone Dragon X, SANDBOX Gaming, Damwon Gaming, and Hanwha Life esports. Let's check them out!

* Griffin



▲ Chovy seems more relaxed than last summer.


▲ Sword looks more confident after his diet.



▲ Griffin's jungler: Tarzan


▲ Coach Byun Young-sub


▲ Viper recieiving his new round haircut.




▲ Griffin Head Coach: cvMax


▲ Griffin's new support: Kabbie


▲ *Sigh...*

*Kingzone Dragon X

▲ "Who is next for the photo shoot~?"


▲ "Hopefully...it isn't me"


▲ "It's me."


▲ Pawn giving a proper introduction before entering the studio.



▲ Deft's 'one shot one kill' pose.



▲ Deft looks so good with some makeup.


▲ Kingzone's OG: Cuzz


▲ Rascal.


▲ The reliable TusiN


▲ Coach Acorn


▲ Coach Supreme


▲ Head Coach Hirai


▲ The new mid laner for KZ: Naehyun!


▲ Naehyun finishes his shoot with a trademark glasses pose.


▲ Totoro standing in front of the vending machine.

▲ Wizer looking good in his new uniform.


▲ DoRaoN, SB's new support.



▲ Untara...?


▲ No, he is Jungler for SB, OnFleek.



▲ Another jungler, Crush.


▲ "Annnnnnnnnnd... ACTION!"


▲ Dove


▲ *Heehee*


▲ Ghost telling us to shhhh.


▲ Coach Dragon.


▲ Coach Laden.


▲ Even Head Coach Sally came to join the shoot!

*Damwon Gaming

▲ Nuguri with the classic 'V' pose.



▲ Damwon's bot laner, Calm.


▲ Classic ADC pose I guess?


▲ The jungler who showed quite an impressive performance at Kespa, Canyon.



▲ BeryL


▲ Support for Damwon, Hoit.


▲ Punch with his 'punch' pose. Very fitting.


▲ "The smell of LCK..."


▲ Nuclear looking fine in the new uniform.


▲ "I'm so tired..."


▲ Newly joining the team, Coach Kim Jeong-soo!


▲ Coach MorNinG.


▲ Coach Kang Tae-su.


▲ Last but not least... Head Coach Micro.

*Hanwha Life esports

▲ Starting off Hanwha Life, it is Tempt!



▲ Coach Woong.


▲ Coach LinLan.


▲ Uplifting Hanwha Life esports, Head Coach OnAir.


▲ Sangyoon hitting us with the serious poses...


▲ JK!


▲ Key.


▲ Lava.



▲ Conquering the LMS, Moojin has come to the LCK.


▲ The 3D scans are going on during the normal photo shoot.


▲ Hanwha's bot laner, Clever.



▲ Supporter for Hanwha, Asper.


▲ A nice pose~


▲ Thal fitting well with the new uniform.


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