Major Update Released for 3on3 FreeStyle on Xbox One

This is the full text of Joycity's Jan 4th, 2019 press release.


Irvine, California – January 4, 2019 – Joycity announced a major update to 3on3 FreeStyle on Xbox One. This is the first major update to the game since its worldwide release on Xbox One last August.

Xbox One players can now expand their community options. The ‘Crew & Hangout’ mode allows players to create a unique avatar to chat, talk about gameplay, and simply hang out with their b-ball crew in a separate area.

With this update, the max level has increased from 30 to 40 and includes all of the latest gameplay balances along with a new ‘Arcade’ mode. Arcade mode is a stripped-down basic mode where players can compete on the essentials of street b-ball. There are also some quality-of-life updates such as a beginner-friendly guide system to help the rookies.


‘Carter’ and ‘Rin’

The character roster has been brought up-to-date on Xbox One with this major update. ‘Rin’ and ‘Carter’ have been added and ‘Jason’ and ‘Max’ will join the rest on January 9th. Rin is a versatile shooting guard and Max is a defensive power forward. There are limited promotional packages on sale for both characters as well.

To thank the Xbox One 3on3 FreeStyle players for patiently waiting on this major update, there are many community events being hosted to celebrate and thank the community. Players can participate in the ‘XP Drink Festival Event’ to finish missions and receive a rare ‘Intensive Manual’ item to level their characters to max. The ‘Hangout Treasure Chest Event’ is also in session which grants players a chance to find treasure chests hidden in Hangout. Items such as ‘Coin Buff Ball’ and ‘Tokens’ can be obtained from these chests.

Lastly, Platinum Packs are currently on sale. The cards included in the pack can be used to increase stats on existing and newly added characters. Platinum Packs will include both Gold and Platinum cards.

More information about 3on3 FreeStyle on Xbox One can be found here!
(3on3 FreeStyle Official WebsiteOfficial Facebook Page,  Official Twitter)

About 3on3 FreeStyle
3on3 FreeStyle is a free-to-play, fast-paced and interactive street basketball sports game, featuring unique characters, online and co-op multiplayer modes, and straightforward controls making the game fun for players of all skill levels. With over 600,000 players already playing the PlayStation 4 version, and a sizeable following in North America, Europe, and Japan, 3on3 FreeStyle is one of the top free-to-play games on PlayStation 4.

About Joycity
Joycity Corporation is a premier game developer and publisher that specializes in games across all platforms for the global market. The War of Genesis: Battle of Antaria, the first to be released in the popular, long-running The War of Genesis SRPG series, is gearing up for a global release. Other well-received mobile titles from Joycity include Pirates of the Caribbean: Tides of War developed in partnership with Disney, Game of Dice, and Gunship Battle: Total Warfare. Joycity’s diverse game portfolio also includes the FreeStyle street sports games on PC, the latest entry to the franchise being 3on3 FreeStyle for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. 

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