HearthStone: Secrets Behind the Illustrations Part. 2

Last time, we met 2 for 1 Yetis, Squirrel and his friends, and a surprise snowman. But we’ve got more. This time we are going to look at the pictures up-close and wide. You might find something you never noticed before or find something amazing in the surroundings. Here’s the second part of a collection of HearthStone card illustrations that extend beyond the frame.

(Click the caption to see an enlarged image.)

Part. 1 Where The Heck Were You? / 2-in-1

Part. 2 Close Up / Part of The World / Secret Weapon

Close Up


I’d be angry too if my war map was blank


▲ I found some random Korean: 디디에(dee dee eh)


▲ Yikes..more unpleasant than I originally thought


Looks pretty alive for a guy pretending to be dead


It wasn’t a snake, after all


Aya Blackpaw: Wink!


The original art was censored to make the undead look less dead


▲ Meme Alert: Koreans call it Gimchi Explosion     ▲ Gimchi Slap


I never noticed the baby curator in the center


▲ It wasn’t a guy kneeling down, it was a Dwarf standing and leaning on a sword


Are those his legs on the upper right-hand corner?

Secret Weapon


I’m glad that he wasn’t a “Pirate”


It reminds me of the Big Game Hunter’s shotgun


Did someone call Tyrael?


This time, for sure!


+1 for hammer and +1 for shield, now it makes sense


Okay, it was neither an umbrella nor a black cloud

Part of The World


Ah..I miss the good old Handlock with Molten Giant


Take this 1 damage of fire blast! (Darn! I need Flametongue Totem)


I think I saw them fighting in Heroes of the Storm


Hmm.. I wonder if he’s being rooted or uprooted


▲ Whew..it smells like “The Beast”


Some say he’s still at the bottom of the ocean, patiently waiting for his victim


For the Alliance, and for Azeroth


The other goblins tried so hard to look cool yet didn’t make it onto the card

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