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League of Legends

GRF Tarzan: "I thought that we were on quite a tough position. However, I saw Sword's Sion killing 2 champions with big gloves on."



On the 27th of December (KST), Griffin defeated Afreeca Freecs 2:0 in the 2018 KeSPA Cup. 

For this match, Griffin used two new picks in the jungle for this tournament such as Taliyah and Aatrox. On game 1, Griffin was clearly behind Afreeca. However, using their teamfight abilities, they defeated Afreeca. The 2nd set was a rather one-sided game. With Tarzan's Aatrox succeeding numerous early game ganks, Griffin's laners started to gain some advantage. After clearing out some turrets and gaining kills, Griffin easily closed down the game. 

After the series, Griffin Tarzan and Sword were interviewed. 

▲ KeSPA Cup YouTube

How does it feel to win?

Tarzan: It's been such a long time but I'm satisfied to see me perform well without going out of shape. 


What did your head coach say to you after the match? 

Sword: He thought that I would have a hard time going against Kiin. That's why he said that I performed really well. 


When the team was on the verge of losing game 1, did you think you can stop the Nexus from being destroyed? 

Tarzan: I was quite hesitant whether we can stop it or not. However, after we cleared out the minion waves, I was sure that we were safe. 


Why did you pick Taliyah?

Tarzan: She did get nerfed a lot. Still, I think that she's a good pick if you can play her well. 


So, does that mean your head coach has faith in you?

Tarzan: Well, Aatrox and Taliyah are both fairly okay picks so I think he would have wanted me to play on them.


On game 1, Sion killed 2 champions after he died. 

Tarzan: I thought that we were on quite a tough position. However, I saw Sword killing 2 champions with big gloves on. (laughs)


The team scored an Ace near the Baron. Did you share any calls on using the Stopwatch for that teamfight?

Sword: I was dying quite a lot so they said to buy a Stopwatch for sustainability. 


Griffin did not undergo a lot of changes for this preseason. How was it? 

Tarzan: I think we spent some good time. The workshop went really well and I think we our teamwork improved. 

Sword: If it's about a team, I think it's better to go on with the same teammates. For me, it was good.


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