KT UmTi on His 'King Ti' Nickname: "I've only played a single match and I'm not sure when I'll be subbed out. I'll do my best to maintain that nickname of mine."

The KeSPA Cup Round 2 Quarterfinals Day 1 started on the 26th of December (KST). With the 2018 KeSPA Cup halfway done, more competitive matchups are on the way. For our interview, we met up with UmTi, who just made his debut after moving teams from Jin Air Green Wings to kt Rolster.

UmTi and the new rookie players perfectly filled in for kt Rolster's star player, Score. UmTi dominated the Summoner's Rift with his Lee Sin on game 2; he was all over the map. With his stellar performance on Lee Sin, the Korean community granted a new name to KT’s new player: "KingTi". Let's see what UmTi had to say on his performance for his first KeSPA Cup as a kt Rolster member.


What are your thoughts on your successful kt Rolster debut?

It's like debuting as a pro all over again. I was nervous and pressured. I think I felt more pressured in kt compared to my Jin Air days.


The team roster changed and some new rookie players joined. How was it to perform with them? It seems you didn’t have a lot of time to practice with your new teammates.

Frankly, I think I wasn't able to do a lot. Also, our teamwork wasn't perfect... I think we're getting there.


Although you say that you didn't do a lot, your plays on Lee Sin were outstanding. What are your thoughts on this?

If we say that my understanding of Lee Sin is a 10, I think my understanding of LoL in general is low. (Q. Why so?) It's a secret. It's a "kt Rolster strategy". (laughs)


The current meta is mostly focused on the mid-jungle. Do you like the current meta?

Actually, I'm not that sure whether the mid-jungle is important at this point. I think I'll have to practice more to find out.


You are known as a very sociable player. What is it like living with your new teammates in a new gaming house?

I like it since there is no one bad and it’s only fun people there. When I'm with my members, I'm rather quiet. I think Smeb and Score are more talkative.


Well, you did state that you're quiet but, according to a source, it is said that the new member is very loud and talkative...

Oh, SnowFlower and I shout a lot when we play solo queue. That's probably the reason... As a matter of fact, Score is suffering from ear pain.


Speaking of Score, you performed instead of Score who is kt Rolster's star player. Didn't you feel pressured?

Of course I was. Still, I tried to perform without [feeling pressured]. To be honest, I thought 'What if I lose…?' That's why the players told me to not even think about losing. (laughs)


Can you say something to Score who would have been supporting you backstage?
Score! I love you and please stay [in the team] forever!


You've earned a lot of nicknames after delivering exceptional performance today. There's actually a meme that kt is an abbreviation for 'King Ti'. What are your thoughts on this?

I've only played a single match and I'm not sure when I'll be subbed out... Still, I'll do my best to maintain that nickname of mine.


Any word on your future matchups?

I'll try to fix and improve myself to deliver perfect performance. I want to improve more on our teamwork and aim for the trophy. This has been kt Rolster's jungler, UmTi. Thank you.

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