KT Rolster UmTi & Bdd on Their Performance: “Nope, I am not satisfied. It didn’t work out well as a team and it felt like I didn’t do well so I’ll try to fix that”


KT Rolster defeated GC Busan Rising Star by 2-0 in the League of Legends KeSPA Cup 2018 Quarterfinals on December 26th. Although both teams seemed to go 50:50 at first during game 1, KT later crushed GC Busan in the team fights; it was the same for game 2, in which KT spared no mercy for GC Busan and defeated them. During the match, UmTi and Bdd showed spectacular teamwork, leading their team to victory.

Following is the interview with KT Rolster UmTi and Bdd, both of whom displayed outstanding performance.



This was your first official match after the team rebuilds. You must have felt nervous and excited at the same time; you had a perfect win by 2-0. UmTi, you were called ‘KingTi’ so many times. How do you feel about your performance today?

UmTi: Nope, I am not satisfied. It didn’t work out well as a team and it felt like I didn’t do well so I’ll try to fix that.

(Crowd boos)

Thank you! (Laughs)

(Crowd cheers)

Both of your teamwork truly shone today. Bdd, do you usually play duo with UmTi a lot?

Bdd: Yes, I played with him when I was playing solo ranked games.

How is it when you two play together?

UmTi: Sometimes I call Bo-Seong ‘Solo Ranked Bo-Seong’, and I think he’s great except the times I call him that.

UmTi was placed 1st for the total damage during game 1. Did you know that?

UmTi: Yes, I knew.

Bdd, how did your teammates react to it?

Bdd: I remember UmTi getting overexcited by himself (Laughs).

You must have felt frustrated when things didn’t go well in the mid lane and your enemy took all the objectives until the early-mid phase in game 1. How was it?

UmTi: I think we were able to win because Smeb kept the balance in the team, telling us it’s okay, we can still win.

The team fight that took place in the mid lane during game 1 was really important. When enemy Thresh grabbed Smeb during the team fight right after the mid turret was destroyed, UmTi appeared from the side. Do you remember? What was it like back then?

UmTi: I think everything went just as Smeb had planned.

Smeb is watching our interview from the side with a big smile. As if he told you to say that (Laughs). 
Two of your teamwork also shone in game 2. How did you plan to dive in the mid lane?

Bdd: Trading in early phase went well and I got a pushing wave so I talked with UmTi about diving.

Any words for your fans?


Bdd: Right now, we are in the stage of working on our teamwork; we will make sure to try hard so that we can keep winning with good performance. Thank you.

I’ll work on how my performance was shaky today and come back as an even more perfect team. Thank you.

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