BDO KR Patch Notes Dec 26th - Archer's Rabam/Enhanced Skills added



New Event: Black Desert Thanksgiving
  -  From Dec 29th 00:00 to Jan 6th 24:00
  -  We give great thanks to everyone who enjoyed Black Desert Online this year.
  -  Check out the special quests and achievement rewards on Dec 27th.

New Event: Limited Pearl Items on Discounts
  -  From Dec 26th to Jan 16th
  -  Limited Black/Gold Baby Dragon pets and costumes will be on sale.

New Event: Snowflake event
  -  From Dec 27th 00:00 to Jan 16th 24:00
  -  Step 1: Play the game to collect Snowflakes

  -  Step 2: Collect Snowflakes and exchange with Snowflake Boxes

  -  Please note:
  -  You can exchange Snowflakes with Snowflake Boxes by talking to the Skill Instructor NPCs in each major city.
  -  For Fine Accessory Boxes, you can get one of the listed items.
  -  For Snowflake Boxes, you can get all of the items that are listed.
Achievements will reset at midnight.
  -  Changing servers, customizing characters, and staying in the character selection screen might cause delay in calculating play hours.
  -  [Event] Snowflake items will not be deleted when the event ends and you can exchange the items at anytime.
  -  The event will follow the [Black Desert Online Event rules and regulations].



Enhanced Skills have been added.
  -  The first Enhanced Skill is available at level 56 and the second Enhanced Skill is available at level 57.
  -  You need the prerequisite skills to learn the Enhanced Skills.
  -  You can choose one Enhanced Skills between the two options for each level.
  -  Level 56 Enhanced Skills

  -  Level 57 Enhanced Skills

Fixed the awkward animation when the Archer gets off from a running horse without equipping a main weapon.

Fixed the issue where the 2nd hit of Greatbow Training did not recover MP.

Breath of the Spirit will not be activated when the Archer uses Greatbow Training consecutively while on a mount.

Fixed the issue where Ultimate: Zephyr Leap did not recover MP in awakening stance.

Fixed the issue where pressing the quickslot key for Bolt of Radiance in main weapon stance activated Arrow Explosion.

Fixed the awkward skill animation of Black Spirit: Radiant Explosion used after Ultimate: Zephyr Leap in Glide and awakening stance.

The Archer can now equip Katan Greatbow.



The graphical effects when dashing to left and right in main weapon stance have changed.



Fixed the issue where the Maehwa could not use Absolute: Stub Arrow while using Carver.



New Simple Alchemy recipe available when your Alchemy level is Skilled 1 or above has been added.
  -  You can craft elixirs and draughts in large quantity using the new Simple Alchemy recipe. (Applies to all elixirs and draughts)
  -  Material vendors and Old Moon vendors in each town will sell Ibellab Essence, which is a material for the new Simple Alchemy recipe.

You can now Heat some Accessories obtainable in Valencia to get Yona’s Fragments.
  -  Talk to Ossa Dilla, the weapon vendor in Valencia, to get [Ossa Dilla’s Special Heating] knowledge by spending 30 Energy.
  -  You can Heat the following accessories to get Yona’s Fragments if you have the knowledge.
  -  Ring of Crescent Guardian: 3-5
  -  Cadry Guardian’s Ring: 3-5
  -  Serap’s Necklace: 3-5
  -  Sicil’s Necklace: 3-5
  -  Basilisk’s Belt: 5-7
  -  Centaurus’ Belt: 5-7
  -  You can get Processing exp by Heating the accessories. The amount of Processing exp will be the same regardless of the amount of Yona’s Fragments you get.

The text regarding selling price has been removed from the item tooltip of [Event] Rare Cron Box.

Training level restriction of Capturing Rope has been removed.

Boss summon scrolls will not expire anymore. Same summon scrolls can now be stacked in one inventory slot.
  -  Name change: Manshaum Mutant Summon Scroll > Manshaum Chief Summon Scroll

Fixed the issue where the durability of your mount’s gear did not decrease when some of your mount’s gear slots are empty.

Fixed the issue where it looked like the Armor’s enhancement level has dropped when your gear’s enhancement level drops due to death penalty if you do not have any empty slots in your inventory.

Added a descriptive sentence about bleeding damage to the item tooltip of [Combat] Trina Matchlock.



Crescent monsters engulfed in darkness have been added to the extra territory of Crescent Shrine.
  -  Crescent monsters engulfed in darkness have a very high chance of dropping Ring of Crescent Guardian and Soiled Crescent Ring, but will not drop any other items.

Fixed the abnormal sound and effect of Vedir summoned during the Archer’s Unleashed Skills quest.

Item drop changes:
  -  Imp Defense Tower: Imp’s Torn Ornament
  -  Imp Amulet: Imp’s Torn Ornament
  -  Imp Altar: Imp’s Torn Ornament
  -  Mine Imp Tower: Broken Wooden Fragment
  -  Mine Imp Carriage: Broken Wooden Fragment

Chances of obtaining the following items from monsters in Balenos to Calpheon area have decreased.
  -  Magic Crystal of Crimson Flame
  -  Magic Crystal of Abundance
  -  Magic Crystal of Sun
  -  Magic Crystal of Nature
  -  Magic Crystal
  -  Dim Magic Crystal


[Quest and Knowledge]

5 Valencia Hunting quests have been added. You can accept the quests from NPC Rohu in Areha Palm Forest if your character is above level 50 and Hunting Skilled 5.

Typos and awkward NPC lines for certain quests have been fixed.

Fixed the abnormal navigation of certain quests.

Fixed the issue Marni’s Journal was airborne during the quest “Marni’s Journal”.

Fixed the issue where there were more than one dialogue buttons during the quest “[Awakening] Artifacts of the Naga”.



The following sentence has been added to the Caphras Stone Extraction window: Caphras enhancement level and effects except for the gear’s enhancement level will be reset to zero.

Fixed the overlapping sentences and sentences that went outside the UI.

Fixed the issue where it looked like the courser’s training exp did not increase when using the following items: Beautiful Red Flame Grass, Yianaros’ Fruit, Mysterious Blue Conch

Fixed the issue where there was an empty space below the class list in the class selection screen.

You can now click on the question mark on the horse exchange window to see the stable guide.

Fixed the issue where you could close the reward window by pressing ESC when accepting a quest from an NPC.

Fixed the awkward text alignment and scroll bar.

Fixed the issue where it appeared as the checkbox is checked when you hover your mouse over the checkbox in the quest window.

Fixed the abnormal display of certain UIs when the texts are too long.

Fixed the issue where the purchase window was still open after closing the Pearl Shop menu while the purchase window was open.


[Gameworld, NPC, and Graphics]

Town guard NPCs will attack back when they are attacked by monsters.

Fixed the typo on the ending cutscene of the new main quest.

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