DWG Canyon on Galio-Camille: "Picking Galio with Camille is almost a 100% win guarantee."

On the 25th of December (KST), DAMWON Gaming (DWG) defeated KeG Seoul 2:1 in the 2018 KeSPA Cup. 

For the first 2 games, DWG had quite a hard time going against KeG Seoul, a team that only has amateur players performing. As a matter of fact, KeG Seoul secured the first game by delivering a stellar performance in teamfights. Then, they seemed to be on a possibility of sweeping a pro team with gaining some advantage in the early game for game 2 as well. However, DWG's top laner, Nuguri remained solid. After delivering exceptional performance on Ryze in game 2, he picked Viktor and dominated his lane against Urgot in game 3.

With tonight's victory, DWG will face the winners of the bbq Olivers vs SKT T1 match in the second round of the 2018 KeSPA Cup. After the match, DAMWON Gaming's jungler, Canyon was interviewed. 

▲KeSPA Cup YouTube live stream

Your team came from behind and won a competitive match. How was it? 

I was pretty pressured but it's a relief that we won. 


After game 1, what kind of feedback did the team share?

The opponent seemed to lead us to numerous fights. That's why we decided to play using our macro game. 


The opponent's performance in game 2 was pretty good as well. I think DAMWON managed to gain the advantage after the teamfight victory near the Baron. What kind of calls did you guys make? 

Our positioning was clearly better. That's why we thought we'd win if we engage a fight. 


On game 3, the team went for Galio and Camille. 

Picking Galio with Camille is almost a 100% win guarantee. 


Do you think the performance the team delivered in game 3 is the 'real' DAMWON Gaming's performance? 

Um... I think things just went right. We tried to perform like usual. 


Do you feel pressured performing on stage? 

Since I do feel pressured, I sometimes have problems with decision making. I think I'll need more time to adjust.


You'll face the winners of the SKT T1 vs bbq Olivers match. Which team do you want to face?

I'd like to face SKT T1. 

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