JAG Stitch on Who He Wants to Face: "I want to meet Gen.G Esports. I'm really close to Ruler; I think our match will be a fun one"

On the 19th, Jin Air Green Wings was able to secure their victory in the 2018 LoL KeSPA Cup by employing all 10 players on their roster. JAG defeated Reverse Gaming with a score of 2-0. Returning to the LCK from the LMS, Stitch performed well during his match. 

The following is an interview with JAG Stitch.

How does it feel having won your match against RGA?

I'm not too excited -- I'm calm. There are still mountains and walls to climb; instead of being too happy about it, I want to stay composed. 

How does it feel competing in Korea again?

There are no frustrations. I'm happy that there is no misunderstanding due to language. Overseas, I had to speak through an interpretor. So at times, my words become misinterpreted. Here in Korea, I can share my emotions with my own language, and it feels great. 

You guys defeated RGA with a score of 2-0. Are there any memorable moments from your match?

I remember that the tension of the game grew so high that I died once. There was about a 5-second silence. Outside of that, there isn't any specific play that I remember. I think our opponent took a blow on their mental strength when they lost from our comeback in game 1.

The entire player roster was subbed out in game 2. Can the two JAG teams that played today be considered team 1 [the better team] and team 2?

Not really. That's not our team atmosphere. To each other, we're all good competition. Everyone is nice, and we all share ideas. It's a perfect environment to improve. 

Your next opponent is GC Busan. What kind of a series are you expecting from them?

They won't be an easy opponent. I saw them play, and they're a strong contender. 

Realistically speaking, how far do you think JAG will go this tournament?

Realistically, we can reach the Finals. Everyone competing are close in strength. Outside of Griffin, every team has just finalized building their roster. As they're still getting used to each other, teams will make frequent mistakes. The meta is also at a loose state, so predicting the outcome is difficult. No matter who loses, the loser won't lose futilely.

Who do you want to face?

I want to meet Gen.G Esports. I'm really close to Ruler; I think our match will be a fun one. 

Any last words?

In Samsung Galaxy, I was the youngest player. Three years later, I'm now the oldest in Jin Air Green Wings. With age, my responsibilities grew, and I took on the role of looking out for the rookie players in my team. Please watch over us. We'll do our best to become the 'upset' of this tournament. 

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