[KeSPA Cup] GC Busan Ryan: "Opponent Neeko missed the Flash-ultimate combo and the turn came to us. That's why we won."

On the 18th of December (KST), the GC Busan Rising Star faced MVP on the first series for the 2018 KeSPA Cup.

This matchup was between Challengers Korea teams. Both GC Busan Rising Star and MVP picked some aggressive, skirmish focused picks in their draft. The GC Busan players clearly knew how to snowball using these aggressive champs whereas MVP players seemed to be rather shaky throughout the series. On both games, GC Busan’s jungler, Ryan displayed exceptional performance each on Kha’Zix and Kindred. Using his support, he constantly sought for skirmishes and succeeded to get the advantage early in the game.

After the match, GC Busan Rising Star’s jungler, Ryan was interviewed.

KeSPA Cup YouTube live stream 

Ther first win for the 2018 KeSPA Cup was from a Challengers Korea team. Can you introduce yourself?

Ryan: Sorry, this is my first interview…(after a long pause) Well, I’m CG Busan’s jungler Ryan. I’ll do my best to make it to the LCK.


As I was doing some research about you, I found a surprising fact; you were actually a sub-member of ESC Ever when they lifted the 2015 KeSPA Cup trophy! Do you feel that you’ve improved compared to then?

Well, I learned a lot from Ares at that time.


You used Kha’Zix and Kindred on your 2:0 victory. Are you satisfied?

I was satisfied with my first game since I led the game on Kha’Zix. However, on the second game on Kindred, we weren’t that good in the early game. That’s why I said to my teammates to sustain till the late game.


On game 1, Kha’Zix and Rakan were all over the map and gained the advantage. What kind of calls did you make with your support?

The opponent mid laner didn’t have his Flash so we managed to gain some vision control. Camille was trying to gain back some vision. That’s when we were able to assassinate her. After that, I thought that we would win the game.


On game 2, it seemed rather risky when the team fought for the first Baron. Your team could have been wiped since Rumble had his ultimate.

It was hard to make a clear decision and our calls started to differ. The opponent Neeko missed the Flash-ultimate combo and the turn came to us. That's why we won.


Which team do you want to face in this tournament?

I think we won’t be able to win the higher-tier LCK teams. Well, as far as I know, we’re going to face the winner of the REVERSE Gaming vs Jin Air Green Wings match. I want to face the team that wins.

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