KBBQ and Chill Episode 1: Faker Answers Your Questions!


Faker is a name that is etched in the hearts of all League of Legends esports enthusiasts, and deservingly so. As a three-time World Champion that is decorated with a plethora of tournament titles, Faker is undeniably one of the most famous players in the world. 

Not too far back on Twitter, we asked you the readers if you have any questions you wished to ask Faker. A lot of you left creative and interesting questions that we were able to ask Faker in our first episode of "KBBQ Show." KBBQ Show is a talk show series where your favorite players talk lightheartedly with our host while enjoying some delicious Korean food. Make sure to follow us on Twitter to stay updated regarding the show, and so you can propose some questions of your own! 

Here is Faker with Inven Global's Nick D'orazio. Enjoy! 

Make sure to turn on captions for English subtitles!

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