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On the 14th of December (KST), Riot Games announced that the NA LCS will be getting rid of the 'NA' part of their name; from now on, it will simply be called the 'LCS'. 

This change is a result of the re-branding of the European LCS. In November, the EU LCS changed its name to the LEC. Following this, the EU finished their league franchise and announced their 10 participants. 

Now that the NA league does not need the region in their name, they've shortened it to 'LCS'. This change in title doesn't come with much change to the league itself since they've already finished franchising their teams. 

The LCS Spring Split will start on January 26th. A total of 10 teams will compete including Team Liquid, Cloud9, TSM, 100Thieves, Echo Fox, Fly Quest, Optic Gaming, CLG, Clutch Gaming, and Golden Guardians. 

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    level 1 Aashnan_Khan


    You guys forgot Cloud9? Forgetting the team that swept two of Korea's 3 seeds at worlds.

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      level 1 Kim_Min-Ki


      daily reminder that korea never sent their best teams, aside from KT. c9 played poorly but afreeca played even worse which in turn c9 3-0ed them

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      level 1 Aashnan_Khan

      @Kim_Min-Ki Everyone knows that but I am not here to make a point or start a debate. I'm merely pointing out a silly mistake they did while writing this article and emphasized it. 

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