[All-Stars]Caps, Champion of 1v1: "At least now, when someone hates or flames at me, I can say 'Come to ARAM and 1v1 me bro"

On the 8th of December, All-Stars 2018 had finally come to an end. With the 1v1 tournament finals being the last event, talented mid laner, Caps closed the deal and took home the 1v1 trophy.

This year, the 1v1 tournament was unlike any other. There were upsets all around. Probably the top 3 most likely players to win the tournament, (Faker, Rookie, and Uzi) had been eliminated in the quarter and semi finals of the event. Above all else, Pabu had taken down two of the best mid laners in the World: Faker and Rookie. 

With Caps matched up with Pabu, it was an unexpected and interesting set of games to watch. In the first, it was Caps' Vayne vs Pabu's Fiora. The aggression did not wait as Caps and Pabu started fighting before the minions had spawned. Juking in and out of the brush, Pabu was able to take game 1. In game 2, the aggression proceeded as a close tower dive gave Caps the game. 

For the final game, Caps took initiative in the aggression on Neeko and ended Pabu's 1v1 journey at All-Stars. After the match, Caps was interviewed by Dash. Let's see what the 2018 All-Star 1v1 Champion has to say!

▲ Source: lol flickr

¤ How does it feel to walk away with the 1v1 crown?

It feels so good man. I always wanted to do this. At least now, when someone hates or flames at me, I can say "Come to ARAM and 1v1 me bro" (laughs).

¤ It took you 3 games to win the series. Talk me through the game by game thought process and how you interacted with your opponent.

I really wanted to play Vayne. I was hoping he would go Olaf or Darius. Instead, he went with Fiora which is a bit harder. Pabu actually baited me. I was auto attacking level 1, and he acted like "Oh no! I made a mistake!" I was like "Oh, okay.", so I kept walking forward. Pabu baited me pretty hard. But after, I tried not to listen to it to much and just kept playing. It worked (laughs).

¤ With the second game being so damn close, why did you have the confidence to go back to Neeko in game 3?

Well...uh...that's a good question (laughs). When I got hit by the E in the second game, I felt confident I can dodge it in a different game if we vsed the matchup again. I also felt like I played a bit too aggressive. I tried to go W first and then get E on level 2 instead.

¤ How was the interaction with Pabu? You guys can talk to each other. Did he say anything to you or you to  him?

It was actually really funny. In the other matches, no one talked to each other at all (laughs). However, Pabu was talking a lot. I felt he was throwing me off a bit, you know? In the end, I was just trying to focus on the game and actually get the win. 

¤ Lastly, what do you have to say to your competitor? Pabu defeated some very tough opponents and gave you a run for your money.

Pabu was really impressive. Most of the games, I felt confident. Just because I was able to play in matchups I have played before. Also, I was never really low on health for any of these games. But the games with Pabu, I was like 1 health every game against him (laughs). It was definitely exciting. I was a bit skeptical in game 2 to check exactly who won (laughs). I ended up winning so...

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