MVP Announces Their League of Legends Team Roster for 2019 Season - Carrot & Garden Join

▲ Image Source: Team MVP's official Twitter


MVP announced their League of Legends team roster for 2019 season on December 7th via their official social media. While ‘Pilot’ Na, Jong-Bin ‘Max’ Jeong, and Jun-Hyeong ‘Ian’ An left the team, Kyu-Seok ‘Yondu’ Kim and Se-Hee ‘Motive’ Cho stayed and Hyung-Sik ‘MaHa’ Oh became the team's coach. MVP has signed Ho-Seong ‘Edge’ Lee, a former player for KongDoo Monster, as their mid laner.

The team newly signed Byeong-Jun ‘Carrot’ Kim and Jeong-Won ‘Garden’ Seo as their top and AD Carry. MVP, with their announcement, commented, “Please give a lot of claps to the players who will play in Challengers Korea. We'll see you in LCK once again soon.”


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