[All Stars] 'Captain Faker': Faker and Captain Jack beat YoDa and brtt

In day 1 of the All-Star event, Faker and Captain Jack defeated YoDa and brtt.

The day kicks off with a 2v2 match. The rules, like before, are the same. First team to get 100 cs or first tower or first 2 kills wins the match. The match started off with Faker on Alistar and Captain Jack on Lucian. The matchup faced controversy from the casters as Swain and Brand (YoDa and brtt) had the easier time trading.

Despite the early cs discrepancy, Faker forced the level 6 engage with Alistar and secured Korea's first kill on Brand. The second and final kill came soon after. Faker, yet again, engaged and dove on Brand.

It seems like no matter what champion he picks, Faker is Faker. With this, the first 2v2 win goes to the side of Korea. Only being day 1 of 2019 All-Stars, it is exciting to see what results the future will yield.

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