Destiny Child Preview: Beautiful Illustrations and Exciting Real-Time Battles

Destiny Child, a narrative CCG game with hundreds of attractive characters and unique combat, is beginning its global service. Destiny Child is not a game where you simply collect cards. In real-time battles, you have to use the tap, slide, and drive skills strategically in order to win.

Destiny Child is now ready to go beyond Korea and Japan, and has tons of fun and exciting features to captivate players. Here’s a list of the special attractions and highlights that the game has, so check them out before playing the game.


■ Hundreds of Childs with Beautiful Illustrations!

Make the battle more dynamic with different team comps and collect Awakening Stories.

In gacha games, the characters’ looks and attractiveness are one of the core features. However, if eye candy is everything that a game has, the game will not be fun to play at all. In Destiny Child, each character has unique skills and can synergize with other characters, making the gameplay rich and dynamic.

There are hundreds of buffs and debuffs, and you can deal massive damage using the buffs or outlast the enemies using a powerful protective barrier.

Also, each Child has their own backstory that you can unlock and read via the Awakening system. Reading each Child’s lore along with the main story makes the game more engaging as you immerse yourself in the story of the game and its characters.


▲ Enjoy dynamic battles with gorgeous-looking characters, and discover their stories.
▲ You can learn each character’s backstory via the Awakening system.


■ Tap, Slide, and Drive: Real-time Combat

Use skills strategically to defeat strong enemies.

Destiny Child is not only about collecting characters. You can engage in strategic battles with the Childs you have. Besides the basic attack where each Child attacks a random enemy automatically, the Childs have three types of skills: the Tap Skill, the Slide Skill, and the Drive Skill. During a battle, you must decide quickly on which skill you are going to use.


The battle is not turn-based, so situational judgment is crucial for victory. You can use the tap skill to attack the enemies faster, or use the powerful Slide skill to deal massive damage at once. However, the difference between tap skills and Slide skills is not just about damage. Some Childs have completely different tap and Slide skills, so you have to know when and how to use each Child.

Destiny Child does have an autoplay system, but the AI is not as good as manual controls when it comes to skill management. It is highly recommended that you control the characters manually in content like PvP. However, the battle is automated in some content including the world boss raid. You should compose your team with the characters that are suitaple for autoplay for world boss raids.

This might sound complicated to those who have just started playing the game, but as you go deeper and deeper into the game mechanics, you will discover the fun of learning how to play each character and reaching a higher stage. Nothing beats the excitement you feel when using perfect skill management to defeat an enemy who has higher combat power than you.


▲ Use the Tab skills and Slide skills at the right moment.
▲ Charge the skill gauge and spend it at once to use the Drive skills, which has special animations and effects.


■ No more repetitive PvP!

A variety of PvP styles with your own deck

Another attractive element of Destiny Child is that you can compose a lot of different teams. The team comps are not that diverse in PvE where it is important to deal as much damage as you can in a short amount of time, but in PvP there are many different types of decks.

You can have a DPS Child and a support Child together to create a deck specialized in dealing burst damage. If you create a deck with a Child that can hold enemies, you can freely deal damage while the enemies cannot do anything. Decks that slowly kill off the enemies with DoT damage are also widely used, and defense-focused teams with tanks and healers are frequently seen as well.

Of course, there are certain characters that are better than others, you can still enjoy PvP even if you don’t have a certain character and there is no absolute “winning team comp”. You can try different characters and team comps, and find the combat style that best suits your tastes.


▲ Pick your favorite Childs among hundreds of Childs and create your own deck.


■ Childs painted by the best illustrators in Korea

Meet many charming and colorful characters

The dynamics of skills and combat are complete with the beautiful illustrations of the Childs. The characters in Destiny Child are painted by many well-known illustrators in Korea and their artwork adds to the fun of the game.

One of the well-known illustrators is Hyung-tae Kim, the president of SHIFTUP games. Kim is one of the first generation game illustrators in Korea and was the main illustrator for The War of Genesis 3. He later worked as the art director for Blade and Soul, and then estaplished SHIFTUP to introduce Destiny Child. The three succubi that help the protagonist in Destiny Child are created by him.

Another famous illustrator is Ji-yoon “KKUEM” Chae. She has a long career in game illustration. She painted the original artwork for Million Arthur, the icon illustration of Overwatch’s D.Va, and the original artwork of Blade and Soul. She created Dana, Syrinx, and Aria, the 1st-anniversary character in Destiny Child Japan, and is well-known for her use of vibrant colors and for the elegance of her characters. Dana was one of the characters that the cosplayers dressed as at the ESC 2018.

If you enjoy appreciating beautiful characters while playing CCG and TCG games, Destiny Child is the game for you. Also, the Live 2D function makes the illustrations move like they are alive, making the game more lively.


▲ Hyung-tae Kim's Maat and KKUEM's Dana artwork
▲ Dana was one of the characters that the cosplayers dressed as at the ESC 2018.


■ There’s fun beyond the original characters

Collaboration events for fans

Destiny Child is famous for beautiful illustrations in both Korea and Japan, and has held many collaboration events.

First, Chun-Li and Cammy, the characters from the Street Fighter series were added to Destiny Child as collaboration characters, and Hatsune Miku and Yuki Miku, the legendary Vocaloid idol created by Crypton Future Media were added later.

Destiny Child also added Kouka, the main character of the famous Japanese science fiction and animation Beatless, and Marie Rose, Honoka, and Kasumi from Tecmo Games’ fighting game Dead or Alive.

In 2019, even more collaboration events featuring Yuki Miku and Kemono Friends are coming to Destiny Child.


▲ Dfferent collaboration events for fans


■ More than a simple gacha game

Enjoy collecting characters and strategic battles at the same time

Destiny Child is full of charming characters and a variety of content involving dynamic skills. You can enjoy the main story about the battle for the demonic throne in the world map, or enter the Devil Rumble to enjoy PvP against other players. But if you are overloaded with homework and tasks, it’s always possible to use the custom essay writing service and play as long as you wish.

Destiny Child goes much further than a simple gacha game. You can collect money and materials in event dungeons to evolve your Childs or win treasure by defeating devils and reaching the final stage of the Underground.

If you like to collect hundreds of characters one by one and enjoy the thrill of strategic battles, get ready for Destiny Child because this is the game for you.

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