PraY: "I've turned down all the offers... I don't have any team to go to. What does this mean? I'm taking a rest."

▲ AfreecaTV PraY live stream

"I'm going to rest for Spring. Then I'll go to a team in Summer and try to get to the Worlds."

LoL bottom laner, PraY has 'again' confirmed that he will not be performing for the upcoming split. 

On the 3rd of December (KST), after announcing that he has turned down all the offers for the 2019 split in his short 20-minute long live stream on Nov 28th, he once again confirmed that he will be taking some time off from competitive gaming through his AfreecaTV live stream. 

Compared to his Nov 28th stream, he seemed more recovered from his emotional state. PraY started off by asking, "How can I use 2 computers for live stream?", implying that he will be planning on live streaming instead of performing on stage. He also said, "I've turned down all the offers. What does this mean? It means that I don't have any team to go to. Then, what does this mean? I'm taking a rest." 

However, he stated that this will not be a retirement. "I wanted to take some rest. I'm willing to be unemployed. Well, as long as a team takes me while I'm sleeping... So, am I retiring? Well, let's see you guys in Summer." 

As it seems likely that he will not be in a team in the upcoming Spring Split, he said that he will put in some time on his live stream. "I'm currently thinking of a way to get rid of all the noise since I'm living in an apartment."  said PraY.  He also added that he will resume playing LoL in the near future. "I haven't played League for weeks. While playing other games [Lost Ark (Korean RPG)], I'll soon resume playing League... If I'm good enough, maybe I'll be finding myself a team in Summer."

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