[All-Star] Faker: "It feels good to team up with Cpt Jack... I'll be on my Alistar."

On the 3rd of December (KST), Faker shared some of his thoughts on participating for the 2018 LoL All-Star. Faker again proved his popularity by finishing on a clear 1st-place in the All-Star votes. "I heard that we'll be playing with streamers; I wonder what it would be like.", said Faker.

In this All-Star 2vs2 tournament, Faker will team up with former pro, Cpt Jack. The two players are known for a fun episode they made in their solo queues. Faker seemed to look forward to meeting Cpt Jack again by saying, "We've met each other quite often in solo queues, but I didn't meet him recently... Now that we're teaming up once again, I'll be on my Alistar.". 

Then we asked 'which event are you looking forward to the most?'. Faker answered, "I think the 1 vs 1 tournament would be the most important.". He also added, "I'm not sure whether I'll be able to win against Uzi since he's really good. A Korean player has never won the 1vs1 tournament, so I'm kind of nervous and excited at the same time.". 

Lastly, we asked whether he prepared any kind of celebration for the fans. Faker answered, "I was thinking of something like a forward or backward roll.". Peanut who was right next to him said, "For real?", and Faker replied, "I can also roll sideways.". 

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    level 7 Genryou

    Faker trolling (it's really funny he does that, most people think he's only serious and he is during tournaments and leagues, but, in other occasions, he can have fun, laugh and also, troll around) at the end of the interview, he's ready for this iteration of All Star.

    The 1v1 tournament will probably be the only real competition on All Star this year, unlike the previous year, where everything was a competition and although, I'll be completely waiting for the LPL Vs LCK match, the format doesn't seem it'll allow it to have the best from both sides, given any player will have to play in that match, China has some streamer-only players, while Korea has retired pro players, plus, Bitdory.

    Meanwhile Riot want to make that East Vs West match the most important 5v5, only pro players will play there. Gotta add, that's just a concept and rivalry which NA/EU fans and Riot have created for themselves.

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