Marvel Announces Special Edition of League of Legends Comic Collaborated with Riot Games

On the 28th of November, Marvel and Riot Games announced a “League of Legends” comic series coming soon. Earlier this month, they had announced that they will be teaming up for an epic collaboration to bring the world “League of Legends” comics.
According to today’s announcement from Marvel, fans will be able to pre-order their copy of ‘LEAGUE OF LEGENDS: ASHE: WARMOTHER SPECIAL EDITION #1’ on the 5th of December and that the comic will be available on the 19th. The comic will also be localized in 20 languages for fans around the world. 

Along with the announcement, Marvel revealed some teaser pages of the comic. 

As well as the teaser images from Marvel, Riot Games followed up with a video commenting on how it came to be and that their plan is to release new comics regularly throughout 2019 and leading into 2020. In the video, Greg Street mentioned that they already have three [comic] series lined up and that they will aim to release physical copies by the end of 2019.

Image Credit: Marvel

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    level 1 John_Soltis

    This is gonna be so cool! im still waiting for the possible Movie : League of Legends

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    level 7 Genryou

    I've only read one US comic my whole life and that one was from DC (not that it matters), well, a tabletop RPG had a graphic novel which served as an introduction to that new edition, so, that also counts, I'm kind of interested on this, particularly, because I enjoyed the lore of some champions I could read, as this will certainly expand those stories, that will have my attention.

    I hope they're also preparing other media for League in the future, I'm still waiting for a League of Legends anime made by a Japanese studio (not an anime inspired animation), they could even make a story about the players and/or pro players, also, a long running animation film, like A New Dawn, Ryze (the champion), etc. that'd be good to watch.

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