[Official] Turkish Team, Royal Youth Signs Former MVP AD Carry, Pilot

League of Legends pro-team, Royal Youth signs their new 'pilot' for 2019.

On the 26th, Royal Youth announced that they have acquired Woo Hyung “Pilot” Na, former AD Carry of MVP.

'Pilot' is a veteran player who made his debut on 2014 at Jin-air Greenwings. In Korea, he performed in Jin Air and MVP. Although he couldn't stop MVP being relegated to Challengers Korea last season, he still managed to deliver solid performance; his performance was maybe one of the most consistent among the MVP players.

Despite the fact that some LCK teams had interest in signing Pilot, he seemed to be wanting a new challenge. "I am going to get a good result from my new challenge. I also want to thank all the MVP players and coaches who have played together as a team for a year." said Pilot.

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