Kazunoko wins Dragon Ball FighterZ SAGA 6 tournament and announces engagement

Professional fighting game player "Kazunoko" recently won SAGA 6, which is a qualifying event for the Dragon Ball FighterZ World Tour.  Since this is his 3rd SAGA win, he will be granted a higher seed at the Finals of the tour, taking place on January 26th, 2019.

▲ Kazunoko after winning SAGA 6.  Photo from Kazunoko's Twitter account.


During his victory speech, he also announced his engagement.  Commentators Jiyuna and Majin Obama noted he'll soon join the ranks of married pro players such as Dogura and Sako.



They jokingly mention that he'll be receiving a "family man" buff, which is both a nod to Guile's victory quote from Street Fighter II and Sako's win at TWFighter Major 2018 when he brought his daughter on stage after winning.

Fighting game veteran Haitani is also a married pro player, even holding exhibition matches at his wedding reception earlier this year.  Just a few months later, Dogura also had exhibition matches played at his wedding.

Given that many fighting game professionals have been playing within their genre for well over a decade (EVO Moment #37 was 14 years ago), moments like these may become more commonplace as the average age of top players is higher, when compared to other fields of esports.

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