Lilbow from Team Gigantti: "Playing Overwatch is less intense" than playing StarCraft II

David "Lilbow" Moschetto currently plays Support for Team Gigantti and has previously played for Copenhagen Flames and Eagle Gaming.  He is also a former professional StarCraft 2 player.

We talked about his latest big plays vs. Samsung MorningStars; why Zarya is too strong; how he fits into Team Gigantti's introvert-friendly team; and, how his StarCraft 2 background gives him endurance for long scrim days. 

He also provided insight on the latest PTR changes the potential viability of heroes like Symmetra and Torbjorn. 


In your match vs. Samsung MorningStars, you booped Dridro's Sound Barrier off the point, and booped Mowzassa's Earthshatter. What was going through your mind in those moments?  Were you anticipating the ults? 

I didn't really think about it at the moment, to be honest. The Lucio boop was definitely on purpose because it is an easy opportunity to use when you are already in position. Although the reason I was there was to boop tanks in general, not him in particular.

I booped the Rein to make him miss the fight for a few seconds.  Getting him to waste Earthshatter was just a bonus.


How do you feel about the current 3/0/3 GOATS-dominant meta? Is it diverse enough ? What needs to change if not?

The meta should be diversified, so playing tank-heavy comps should always be around. Though it should be a lot more situational than it is right now. I actually believe tanks are too strong.

Zarya is too strong right now. She is the reason why people are playing GOATS and variations like 'moats', which is Monkey, D.Va, Zarya, Brigitte, Zen/Moira, and Lucio -- GOATS with a Monkey. Zarya just needs to deal less damage, simple as that. Because she deals so much damage, we can afford to play a lot of tanks and heals and still be fine DPS-wise.


"Coming from SC2 also gives me endurance to play a lot, as playing Overwatch is
less intense.  I rarely feel exhausted after a long scrims day."


Since zappis and Zuppeh are from Ninjas in Pyjamas, who were the first team to play triple-tank, do you feel your team has a natural synergy towards the GOATS-comp?

NiP's tanks were very different from modern GOATS. It's not the same combos: no bash shatters, no discords, no D.Va. Our team has a good synergy with tanks because of Gigantti's last season in general.


What are some factors that make Team Gigantti different from your previous teams? Since most of the team is Finnish, have you noticed any new cultural team dynamics? Are there differences in coaching styles?

I've always felt like Finnish people are usually very serious and quite introverted and that is also the ambience I can feel here with Team Gigantti, which I definitely like being an introvert myself. I think our DPS players are very strong and also very independent. It's comfortable to play with these kind of guys because you can just focus on your own business each time.

Compared to Eagle, I do miss having a coach like Féfé who provided a lot of tips and motivational stuff in general, as well as keeping us motivated and hard-working in any situation. 

Féfé, former coach for Eagle Gaming and currently
Player Development Coach for Paris Eternal.


Does the current meta feel more comfortable to you, considering your background with professional StarCraft 2?

Coming from SC2 means I have different qualities than other players coming from other games.  Basically, we can just say I have rather low aim while having good game understanding. Coming from SC2 also gives me endurance to play a lot, as playing Overwatch is less intense. I rarely feel exhausted after a long scrims day.

So yes, the current meta feels more comfortable to me because there is a lot of theory in the tank vs tank match up and it's not a big deal to me in the end. I usually think of out-of-the-box strategies in Overwatch and I've been doing it for as long as I can remember, going back to SC2.


"I don't see a reason why nobody picks Torbjorn in his current state right
now, as I think his revamp makes him very strong against dive."


Any thoughts on the Brigitte and Doomfist PTR changes? Should they move onto live and will they affect GOATS-comps?

Brigitte's changes are very good for sure, she'll still be able to counter vs dive DPS like Genji or Tracer, but she won't be destroying them all by herself which is what you would expect from a support. Lucio is the same kind of support -- hard to kill and very effective against any flankers, but he will very rarely actually kill them, although he can 1v1 them without a problem.

Doomfist changes are very nice as well, he'll be less frustrating to play against while keeping him strong by buffing his ultimate. I also think the punch should not one-shot, but maybe have a smaller cooldown or just be easier for Doomfist to use. I generally dislike the one-shot mechanic in Overwatch, outside of ultimates.

Are the Support heroes in the most balanced state we've seen them in so far?

Brigitte shouldn't be able to one-shot anyone.  And her ult is also too strong.  She is picked basically everywhere, even in dive comps because of this reason mainly.  It combos way too well with Zenyatta or even Zarya, which is the main reason why GOATS and 'moats' are popular at the moment.  The idea behind her ult is good, but it shouldn't give regular armor.  Maybe shields that disappear over time like Doomfist's instead?

Outside of that, I do think supports are indeed in a very good state, as all of them are playable and situational.  Lucio is most popular right now, but it's a good thing for the game. Lucio provides quick push and teamplay in general; very useful into attack positions, but not that good to defend them.


Is there room for builders like Symmetra or Torbjorn in pro play?

Symmetra is useful for cheese strats with tanks and could be exploited a little bit more.

I don't see a reason why nobody picks Torbjorn in his current state right now, as I think his revamp makes him very strong against dive. But I've never seen him in action since the patch, so I can't say for sure.

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