[Official] Teddy, Former Jin Air ADC, Joins SKT T1

On the 22nd at 6 PM (KST), SKT T1 officially announced that Teddy will be joining their roster.

The controversial topic of who will become the next ADC for SKT has finally come to an end. Once a heated debate on who the ADC player would be for SKT (Bang or Teddy), SKT T1 has confirmed Teddy will join SKT and be the starting bot laner for the team. 

Joining Jin Air Greenwings in November 2016, Teddy has spent 2 whole years with his former team. Although the team itself had achieved mix results throughout the 2 years, the factor that was consistent was the consideration of Teddy being a talented ADC. Recognized by the LCK community, clearly SKT as well, Teddy has taken the next step of his career by joining one of the most successful League Of Legends teams.

Despite all this, how Teddy will synergize and shine within the SKT team is still unknown. It will be exciting to see the name "SKT T1 Teddy" in the upcoming season and what his results will be.

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