On the 20th of November, Echo Fox officially announced that Coach Ssong will be the new acting head coach for their League Of Legends team.

Making a name of himself by coaching teams like Najin Black Sword and ROX Tigers, Ssong decided to turn a new leaf and join the NA LCS in 2017. As the former head coach for TSM, Ssong experienced initial success with the team. However, as time passed, Coach Ssong and TSM struggled to find the right mix.

With a new year and a new season upcoming, Ssong has ultimately decided to find another team that he can potentially help rise. According to his comment on the decision (source: Newsweek), Ssong said: "When I talked with Echo Fox, I got the strong impression that this was the team that I can devote myself to."

Rick Fox, former NBA player and owner of Echo Fox, welcomed Ssong to the organization by commenting: "His experience as a player and coach at a Worlds level and innate ability to meld various successful playstyles into a dominant roster will undoubtedly lead our team to a successful season in 2019."

It will be undoubtedly interesting to see how Ssong will influence Echo Fox and if Ssong can bring Echo Fox to the top of the leagues once more.

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    level 1 Kcv_V-v

    I think ssong will match well with the players and team atmosphere in Echo Fox! Good move

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