[KR Reactions] iG vs Fnatic: "watching this Finals series vs playing 3 ARAM games... What would be more fun?"

2018 World Championship Finals 
iG vs Fnatic

[Opening Ceremony]

I hoped that the foreign artists would show something more than those KPop singers. However, they seem pretty much the same…

ㄴI miss Imagine Dragons so much.

ㄴI actually thought they weren’t bad.

ㄴImagine Dragons got through that awful sound equipment and showed one of the best performances...


Caster Jeon's Rock Paper Scissors.gif


ㄴIs that a high five? They weren’t even able to clap their hands a single time.

ㄴThis is by far the 'BEST' opening ceremony lol.

ㄴOh that’s why they tried multiple times lol.

ㄴWho made the title?


??? : Last year, the Elder… This year...

Kai'Sa carry!


This opening ceremony is the worst...

ㄴ I don’t know but I like it so far…

ㄴ Look at the quality difference...

ㄴ At least I thought that a Baron would rise up through the stage floor.


Did anyone see BlizzCon?

ㄴWell, I’m guessing that LoL won’t fall for the next 3 years.


To the mid laner who wins today… I’ll call you "next Faker".

ㄴAre you Faker?


Let’s go Fnatic! I just can’t see China winning the Worlds.


Game 1


Look at the bottom skirmish...  So much aggressiveness in the early game.  

ㄴIt’s really fun. This is something you can’t see in the ‘now-fallen’ LCK.


After seeing game 1, I think KT deserves a re-evaluation…

ㄴDoes anyone disagree on KT being the second-place team.?

Caps=baby Faker? He’s just a baby.


Watch… You should’ve put iG on the opposite side. Man, it still pisses me off.

notes: After the Groups, former LCK player, Watch came up on stage for the Quarterfinals draw.
ㄴGuys, Watch came for the Finals. Let’s go ask in person.


KT was dominated in game 1. And they made it to game 5.

ㄴSo, what were the results?


Was this the feeling when SKT massacred the others in 2015?

ㄴAt then, they dominated everything starting from the laning phase.

Game 2


It is told that Broxah said something to Caps in the bathroom. I think Fnatic will win.

I’m worried about Fnatic since Rookie is most confident on Syndra.

ㄴI think Fnatic will win since JackeyLove is on Lucian.


Bwipo is gone… TheShy is just too good.

ㄴWhat’s up with his nickname? His plays are nothing close to being ‘shy’.


Okay. Let’s go sOAZ, turn the table!

ㄴ I want to see sOAZ happy playing for the finals. That’s all I want.

You have to remember that the season 1 Worlds was like watching a nearby PC Bang League.


Game 3



ㄴI’m still worried.

ㄴIs it showing respect to their old player? Well, it is the Finals stage.

ㄴWhat? It’s about winning. Why should they show respect?


Okay, something's different after sOAZ came in.
ㄴCome on!! Let’s win!


I want this guy to be back at Worlds.

I miss you senpai.

ㄴAn LCK 7th place team’s mid laner.

ㄴHe was so strong against China… Man, I miss him.


This is by far the worst Finals I’ve ever seen.
ㄴ Think about that opening ceremony… I have nothing to say.

ㄴ 'watching this Finals series' vs 'playing 3 ARAM games' What would be more fun?

ㄴ I paid to watch just 2 hours of this? I can’t believe it.


Duke is the first player that won the Worlds more than twice as a top laner.

ㄴIf iG wins this game, does Duke, who was only sitting on the bench, get a Worlds Championship skin?

ㄴ Everyone should live like Duke.


There’s still Overwatch, which Koreans are still good at!


Uzi: Hey, we got no time… Let’s eat, turn the TV off.

Mata: Yes sir.


Hey, what happened to the guys who already made an imaginary Worlds skin?

ㄴ There was an iG version of it as well.

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